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i want to make a OS.
yooperhunter8 (0)

hello. i am an coder who wants to know how to make a OS with C, C#, C++, PY, NodeJS, LOLCODE, HTML, CSS, and JSON for config.

the end result should end as a working OS, up and rumning.

in NodeJS Files they will run express.
JSON is for config
EXE files not included; nor DLL.
Other clients maybe used
programs such as browsers will be included.
The browser is planned to be Opera
scripts can be re-used at any cost unless to break it
lots of system files will be included.

Coder100 (16757)

No, Operating Systems are made in C usually lol

and what are you even talking about
I don't think you know what an OS is

yooperhunter8 (0)

@Coder100 well chromeos does and is good so im usin it anyways

SixBeeps (5037)

@yooperhunter8 ChromeOS is based on Linux, which is made in C + Asm

Coder100 (16757)

well i'm sure the UI is made in C++ @SixBeeps

yooperhunter8 (0)

if you are enough trusted then you can be invited.

DavidSafro (19)

@yooperhunter8 look I agree with @Coder100. OS is pretty complicated to make so if u want to make Windows 2.0 sure but from your language description page I would say that you do not have the necessary skills for that

DavidSafro (19)

@yooperhunter8 also why would you use opera? opera is really bad and has lots of privacy issues

yooperhunter8 (0)

@DavidSafro i want to find a simple browser that maybe supportable for a replit OS.

yooperhunter8 (0)

@yooperhunter8 also: i have the repl but is a team repl.