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hwo much time python take
himashuchand (3)

hello everyone i am himanshu chand i have a question to all who are a python programmer so friends if i am learning python from youtube tutorials so how much time it will take pleas tell beacuse i am begginer to python please comment

Coder100 (18930)

Python will take about a day to learn the basics of.

Afterwards, it depends on what you want to create. Usually, it will take an additional month to create some projects to test your skill of python and learn more!

IMayBeMe (551)

If you want a basic understanding of syntax, maybe a week tops, but actually getting good at python takes much longer and can take years

Wumi4 (542)

It depends on you, because Python and its libraries is really large and you cannot learn fully about it. It will takes you about a few days to learn the basics. Even to a person like me, who has learnt Python for roughly a year, I still found stuff that I think is simply mind blowing.

Also, don't ask how much time it takes to learn something, because that can mean that you don't have a large interest to that thing. If you like something and want to learn it, then go ahead.

himashuchand (3)

@Wumi4 thanks for your advice