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how to learn code effectively?
YvngBashit (17)

I have been learning code ,but I have come to a stage were it is hard to learn the new concepts. I just go and watch videos and copy it into my IDE. How can I learn effectively? How can I learn actively?

Nayoar (581)

Hey! I know what you mean about finding it difficult to learn things, but I've got a solution. All you need to do is set yourself a project, something to aim for. If, whilst coding that project, there's something you don't know - just Google it. Personally, I find that if I actually use a function or method that I didn't know in my own code, it tends to stick in my memory. Hope you find this helpful - pls upvote 🙃

SwaagatB (13)

@minx28, you can also use other learning platforms to do so.

optimistguy (24)

You need practice. Lots and lots of it. Try to learn on:

Here are some site to help you practice and solving real problems:
1. HackerRank

freeCodeCamp is also a good resource to learn to code and solving challenges. Kaggle is the place to go when you like machine learning.

The Path for you to learn CS :

After practice. Nah, just chill out turn off the computer screen and do something else like for about 10 - 15 mins and then come back to work. That is the best way for you brain to write the datas to it storges.

QuincyTennyson (3)
  1. Find a problem you are somewhat passionate about right now.
  2. Ask yourself if you might be able to solve that problem with code.
  3. Fail repeatedly in your quest.
  4. Find a bit of success.
  5. Congratulations, you are now a programmer.
    Bonus 6th step: Realize that in doing this you've proven to yourself you could do anything with time and dedication.
Reader8765 (19)

What language are you learning? For Javascript you can use the MDN documentation and, like others have said, Codecademy is helpful. Books can be outdated but increase your exposure to a language and are what I use. Just make sure you are actually writing code. Copy and pasting only goes so far. Try adjusting the code you are working with. What are some different things you can do with these concepts? You can also start projects and look for more information on how to do something when you come to things you need help with. Stack Overflow has helped me find things I never would of thought of in the first place! Just remember learning programming is a process. Don't try to learn all of the information at one time. Get it when you need it. That's all of my advice.

theangryepicbanana (1703)

Codeacademy is a really good place to start.

John_WardWard (394)

@YvngBashit The way to do it is to apply those skills in a project like @minx28 said. If one topic is tricky , stay longer on this topic, or if you feel like the source of learning is too hard, try a different source. A lot of people would recommend Codecademy. Videos are definitely a hard way to learn a language and it might be advisable to get something more interactive, such as a book, or an interactive online course.