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how to embed in website?(using iframes)
awdrgyjil1234 (23)

I was wondering how to embed in website using iframes. i know its possible because i saw it before but i wanna know the code

Coder100 (18903)

You can't. The have cors blocking it.

However, you can embed specific parts of the site, like repls:

awdrgyjil1234 (23)

@Coder100 but i saw an example where the whole site was through iframes

Coder100 (18903)

not anymore they blocked it @awdrgyjil1234

awdrgyjil1234 (23)

@Coder100 they did? but i saw it on a chat app on

Coder100 (18903)

yes that's

all you do is embed the link, like:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

and as you may know that is not part of replit