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how to download my repls?
sashavoronezh (21)

My teacher gave our class a task to register at a website which provides us with problems that we are supposed to solve. That website said that we have to choose a file from our PC and send it to them so they can run the program and tell us if we did it right. The only way I could find is to copy and paste my programs into Word and send them the file. I tried doing so multiple times but they would just say that there was an error while sending document. My homework is due today and is the only website where I can write and run my programs. Please help.

SixBeeps (5231)

Two things you could try:
1.) Send them the link to the REPL
2.) If they don't want you doing that, do this

sashavoronezh (21)

@niorg2606 thank you so much! I will try both ways.