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how to do if repeat

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so i made a question asking what is 5 + 10
Consol.Write("whats 5 + 10")
string userinput = (Console.ReadLine)

if userinput = "a"
Console.WriteLine("correct ")
else if
Console.WriteLine("sorry not correct pkease try again")
how do i make it to were if they get it wrong then it will let them try again?

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use goto statement in else and in body of if statement in last use return 0;

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You need to put your if/else code inside a while loop. The code below shows you how to use a boolean variable to control the loop's functioning.

using System; namespace Loops { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { /* local variable definition */ int a = 0; bool keepGoing = true; /* while loop execution */ while (keepGoing) { Console.WriteLine("value of a: {0}", a); /* If a >= 10 then stop the looping by setting keepGoing to false */ if(a >= 10) { Console.WriteLine("The end!"); keepGoing = false; } a++; } Console.ReadLine(); } } }
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Thank you very much


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use a while loop

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Thank you