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how do i do java script animation

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I have been try to create animations in java script for a long time and i would appreciate some working examples

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Many of the explainer video agency suggest these points for JAVA Script Animation:

  1. Launch real web apps on Google App Engine and start building real CRUD features.
  2. JQUERY should be avoided wherever possible. Javascript is much easier to learn than Jquery. You won't spend as much time learning it in comparison to javascript. You can use document.querySelector() instead.
  3. Write code on GitHub and ask people smarter than you to read it and offer advice.
  4. Don't be afraid of failure, and continue to learn
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I use the jquery package
Just place
<script src=""></script>
in your HTML file

More info on jquery here

You can then call an animation using the animate() method

$(selector).animate(properties[, duration, easing, callback])

More on the animate method here