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how do I make a link to the code so another project can run it?
Mathman05 (1)

I want a link to
where the code is the only part and I can run it from other projects how would I do that?

Answered by Coder100 (16841) [earned 5 cycles]
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Mathman05 (1)

@Coder100 that should help me keep all the projects that'll use my base canvas functions updated! :D


maybe copy and paste the link of your code.

IcynDevz (744)

Can you make your question a little more clear. Thanks!

Mathman05 (1)

@IcingHackz Like I just want the JS code that's on that link so my other JS projects can use the links instead of my having to copy the code.

IcynDevz (744)

@Mathman05 so you want the code to the js?

Mathman05 (1)

@IcingHackz I want a link that is the code of my project.

IcynDevz (744)

@Mathman05 I don't think that's possible. You need to copy the code