API Query to Get All A User's Repls

I feel so weird asking this considering I run the biggest Replit API package ever, but here we go anyways.

Is there a GraphQL query or Restful endpoint to get ALL the Repls on a User? I'm making a Repl backup tool and I can't get all the Repls from a user, only the first ten that are available at the Replit Profile Restful endpoint. Thanks!

TO CLARIFY: I want a query not the graphql endpoint

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Answered by RoBlockHead [earned 5 cycles]
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biggest Replit API package ever

@RayhanADev smh bigger than https://github.com/Coding-Cactus/repltalk ? don't think so seeing as it already has that query https://github.com/Coding-Cactus/repltalk#user


@CodingCactus well you asked for it :)
Does your package have

  • Extraneous, useless queries nobody uses
  • Every mutation ever, even though you can't use them
  • Access to site data that has practically no point
  • Stupidly complicated custom query maker
  • Experimental Features that will probably be given up on

Let me know when you catch up ;D


@RayhanADev probably somewhere in there 😂


@CodingCactus lmfao 😂