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How does Developer Tools work?
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Is it a program? If so, what language is it coded in? What allows it to do what it does? Any insight anyone can offer into the inner workings of this feature would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Is it a program?

Chrome's dev tools isnt a program in itself, it's a part of Chrome, which is a program.

What allows it to do what it does?

The folks at Google made Chrome and dev tools, so they made it the way it is.

As for how it works and what language it is written in, it depends on which part of dev tools you want to know about. The console, for example, makes use of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, which is written in C++. Here's a good article explaining how that works.

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thank you for taking the time to respond and providing that info. I guess now my follow up question would be: are there any standalone programs/modules/libraries that mimic all or parts of DevTools in terms of controlling the page? (e.g. Selenium Webdriver) Because while Selenium works well enough to explore and interact with a site, it still requires some coding knowledge to ensure that the correct elements are being selected and parsed and whatnot. The thing I like about DevTools is that (at least the 'Elements' tab) when you click on an element, it instantly returns everything about that element, including events, listeners, etc. I guess i like 'point-click-and-log-the action' aspect of DevTools and id like to try to recreate at leasttmt that part of it, if if possible...