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file wont open
jlwatki7 (0)

one of my repl files wont open. the rest will. it goes from a load bar to reboot bar. any idea why

AdCharity (1317)


  1. poor wifi
  2. corrupted and or unsupported files like font .otf will not display (and if they do, it's often a string of characters THAT YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH)
  3. socket disconnected - basically, reload the page
  4. try forking the project

There's probably more, but if the problem persists on other repls as well, I would file a bug report.

jlwatki7 (0)

i dont think its wifi problem because the other files will load easily. not sure what forking it is. new @AdCharity

AdCharity (1317)

@jlwatki7 forking is basically pressing a button that clones the entire project.

Geocube101 (623)

Got the screenshot or repl?

My first guess is that the file was programmatically deleted. If that's the case, the file is not actually there and will cause the repl to freeze when attempting to load it.