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editing a text file
nathanHeath1 (1)

What is the command to edit a text file in the bash shell, the nano command is not working

Answered by SixBeeps (5055) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5055)

nano is a program, which is not installed on the servers. Although, it appears vi is installed, so you can use that.

EDIT: vim is also installed.

m4k3rhum4n (0)

Ahh okay I see! I’ll try this , thanks! @niorg2606

Vandesm14 (2643)

@m4k3rhum4n if @niorg2606 answered your question, be sure to mark it as answered.

doineednumbers (26)

@SixBeeps I followed along with this answer, but I can't exit vim!

MarcoAlbertini (0)

@doineednumbers by pc you type 'i' to insert and 'esc' to run commands. Once you are in command line of vi type :wq! to save and exit. Hope is usefull.

MarcoAlbertini (0)

@doineednumbers oh, sorry i'm not the smartest in the world