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don't know how to make a vps or ssh idk what that means
JasonLucasVail (0)

so basically the school blocks websites and I'm new to this stuff so help me find a way to access websites like through a vps or sever idk.

19wintersp (1121)

ssh is a program (short for "Secure SHell") which lets you connect to remote computers securely. A VPN is a system in which your internet traffic is encrypted and sent through a special proxy server. I wouldn't suggest trying to bypass your school's firewall, though there are several proxies made on Replit, such as PYer's.

Crosis (277)
Just press run and you are good to go!

JasonLucasVail (0)

ok so it works but i cannot sign into my gmail cus the browser is not secure so [email protected]