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database in php?
samba0648 (6)

How to use a database with PHP in and what type of database we can use?

amasad (3447)

We don't have a good library for PHP right now but here is an example

bogi99 (0)

looking at it, and i have been here for only a day or so, repl seems to provide a key-value type storage, it does have some limitations check here .. so this is nothing like your normal database connection, it uses curl to perform the discrete functions of insert,delete,select and list. I think i may develop a wrapper/class in php for this to make it more usable ..

SixBeeps (5221)

Each DB will be different in terms of linking it to your code, but the process is the same on as on a local machine. Your DB should have instructions on how to use it, if not online tutorials.

samba0648 (6)

I can't understand, will you explain it more [email protected]