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create files
LueyK (2)

I am not able to create files, whenever I create a file and put the extension ".js" it makes the file Plain Text

Help me :(

LueyK (2)
SixBeeps (5221)

Have you tried refreshing? Sometimes it doesn't immediately apply syntax highlighting and code intelligence.

LueyK (2)

@SixBeeps I restarted the site several times, I'm going to see if it's code intelligence

Yimmee (31)

can you help me help you?
do you mean that when you have a not-plain text file, it turns into that when you put ".js"?
if that, i think thats more of a problem for the people who make replit.
but why do you need to put a .js extension on a non text file anyway?
replit probobly converts it because it thinks you are making a javascript file. which is plain text.
idk what replit does. im just making things up along the way with my "probably"s.