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can’t open my repls

Wen i open one of my repls, it says:


Not found error: This is not the page you're looking for.
If you think this is a mistake please let us know by opening up the sidebar and submitting a ticket via the get help button._

I don't know wat to do now. Can anybody help please?
excuse my English if its bad I don’t speak English.


404 is a common error. It means the page is not found, deleted, or the domain changed (for HTML). To fix this, you can do what @VulcanWM said if the page is deleted. If the page had content that interfered with the repl terms of service, then it could have been removed or reported. If the domain was changed, then you would probably know. You could have changed the repl name a while ago, and automatically, so did the link. Hope this helps @cillcrlouwler :)


@CodeMaster007, @VulcanWM
Thank you for your help. I did try to restore them, but I never deleted the. I was working on them the day before, and then they stop working. I sent an Email to the replete team, but I didn’t get a reply yet.


K, good luck! @cillcrlouwler


okay, good luck! @cillcrlouwler


Have you deleted your repls? If so, go here: then press trash, and press restore and enter your repl name to get it back
if not submit a ticket via the help button