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Intro to Networking & The Internet Questions
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Hello Everyone!

I am a High school CS teacher and I am trying to us as a replacement for the online IDE Cloud 9 (that amazon now owns and locked down like crazy). So far I have found a way to do everything I need to, and then some, but I am missing a couple of things I need to teach about networking.

Does anyone know how (or if I can even do) the following commands in a repls? If so, which one if it is possible:
~ ifconfig and ipconfig
~ dig and nslookup
~ ping
~ traceroute and tracepath

Any and all help in this would be great! I have tried a couple different environments but all say the above commands are restricted unless I am the root user.


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You have to use the linux equivalents because the system uses linux. So instead of using ipconfig use ip addr and then select the busybox version.