Is there a way I can make a free private repl

Because me coding the bot for so long and some one just come and take the codes but we don’t know those plz help me make it private it just like so hard for me

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Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI [earned 5 cycles]
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You can encrypt your files in repl using the GPG tool. It is already avaliable in the repl so you can use it on the repl terminal.


@Wumi4 can you plz tell me how



  • First, make sure to zip all of your file on repl, or create a tarball of those file. Typing passphrase for each single file can be really painful.
  • Next, using this command:

To start encrypt your file.

  • The program will ask you to enter the passphrase, choose a strong and unique one. I recommend you to choose a passphrase that contains some special characters like @ or $ to make it more strong. The program will ask again your passphrase, just enter your once again.
  • And finally, you will see your zip or tarball file with a .gpg extension, you can sure that all of your code has been encrypted and you can delete the zip or tarball file that you make before for encrypting.
    To decrypt them, type gpg, the program will ask you to enter the passphrase, and after you done it successfully, you will see all of your code in the zip/tarball file without the .gpg file extension.