Accidentally deleted an IMPORTANT repl
kckusal (9)

Hi! I was cleaning my repls today by deleting unnecessary ones and unfortunately deleted an IMPORTANT repl which used to be available at*-****-***

Would it be possible to recover it? I saw under one talk that it may be possible. PLEASE restore it if possible.

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katyadee (1302)

Yes! I'll look into it.

UPDATE: It's restored! Let me know if you run into any more issues.

kckusal (9)

@katyadee Thank you so much! It's available now!!

GianniRamirez (0)

I erased a lot of code and then I tried fixing it I only got an hour before I have to submit my work can you help [email protected]


Hey excused me, i also accidentally deleted my PyLife game that I had been working on for a week or so PLEASE is there anyway of getting it back, i worked soooo hard on it and was so proud of it even though it wasn't done [email protected]


Here's where it used to be before I deleted it by accident
@katyadee @CoolJames1610

AlbertoFung (0)

I’m on iPad how can I fix [email protected]

AlbertoFung (0)

What if I’m on a mobile device [email protected]

SaimSaim (0)

@katyadee this is my code, i accidently deleted it please show me way to get it back