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Write a Python program that accept Seven numbers and display the Mode, Median and Mean value.
ErelDomingo (4)

I'm really frustrated with this activity that our teacher gave us, can someone help me with this? step by step or a finish product and teach me how you come up with it i've been on Youtube for many times still i don't get it

Answered by EmmaGao8 (33) [earned 5 cycles]
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EmmaGao8 (33)

there's also a function called median()

EmmaGao8 (33)

there is a function called mean()

EmmaGao8 (33)


EmmaGao8 (33)

import statistics

EmmaGao8 (33)

There is a mode() function in python

OldWizard209 (1538)

Bruh, rather than making soo many comments, just reply to your own comment. @EmmaGao8