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Would anyone like to help me with BananaOS?
isaiah08 (87)

So i'm creating this thing in tkinter called BananaOS. It has some apps and i was wondering if anyone else would like to help with it?

CodinUser (7)

Check out my project
It uses a similar concept by an os_in_a_window

You can look at it for an idea and some concepts

The basic idea is very simple

create a main frame and add the homescreen widgets
create a taskbar or menubars for the controls
create buttons to launch the apps in the taskbar
create Tkinter frames that hold an app, but they will need a title bar design if you want them to be good

For a simple clock you can use time.strftime and Tkinter labels
I will recommend first having a basic understanding of Tkinter

And i can help, if you need, where do you need help?

isaiah08 (87)

Just in plain coding! There's alot to do! Here's some stuff that i want to add:

  • Hangman
  • Snake


  • Web browser
  • Reminders
  • BananaMail (use api)


  • Log in (use api)


CodinUser (7)

@isaiah08 Hmmmmmmmmmm
I actually dont really know how to add those apps, BUT i do know for web browser, you can create a fork of CEF (Chroium embed framework)

I could help on adding some stuff like calculator, notepad and tic tac toe :)
itll b great if u can invite me to the repl :)

CodinUser (7)

Great @isaiah08 will have a lol at it tomorrow :)