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Will replit's database writes be persistent?

I'm close to deploying a website I'm working on, that uses an sqlite3 database. It's quite important that it has 99% uptime, as it works with payments, so it has to be fairly reliable. I've been using replit's Always On feature, but all my tests have been done when the tab is open.

Does anybody know if the writes to the database will be persistent or not? It says any changes made to the file system won't be saved, so I was wondering if anyone knew.


replit's always on isn't really always on as it goes down for about 10 minutes every 24 hours, so the database will be wiped every 23 hours and 50 minutes


@ch1ck3n Yeah, I noticed that part when setting up my email server. I had it send me emails to test when it started, and I left it for a few days, and my inbox had a few emails in it.