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Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3537)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


Also on le twatter:

DynamicSquid (5023)

Make a language with the exact same syntax as ENGLISH. For example:

"This is a comment."

Create a new variable named answer.
Have the variable named answer store the value of 10.

"Don't forget, grammar and spelling matter!"

If the variable answer is equal to 10, then do the following:
  1. Add a value of 5 to the variable.
  2. Create a new variable named question.
Otherwise, do the following:
  1. Exit the function.

Now, you can say that you're favourite language is English!

firefish (953)


Print the following sentence to console: "Well LOL"
Call the function under the name of "Test123"
Declare a global array called "Drinks" with content:
   Index zero has: "Tea"
   Index one has: "Coffee"
   Index two has: "Peach Juice".
Declare a function under the name of "Test123":
    1. Pick a random item from the list called "Drinks", and put it in a variable called "drink"
    2. Print the variable "drink" to the console.
    3. Exit the function.


firefish (953)

@DynamicSquid As long as you are a fluent English speaker.
And all English lessons are now coding lessons too.

firefish (953)

@DynamicSquid Simple way of making school even more interesting than it already is...

awesome10 (233)


Change language to python
firefish (953)

@awesome10 The point is that it's English

firefish (953)

@DynamicSquid You have to deal with synonyms though

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@DynamicSquid dude that lang is good (english grammar lang)

firefish (953)

@nk1rwc I know. But this language cannot accept internet slang: e.g. lol or lmao.
You also have to laboriously type abbreviations, i.e. expanding to id est, and e.g. expanding to exemplis gratis.

ChezCoder (1606)

@DynamicSquid lol i think the name for it already exist, lookup pseudocode

PXY (40)

Was that you're intentional or can I make fun of you @DynamicSquid

Barry123 (350)

Try Chinese instead of English?
Hello world would be:
打印 “你好世界”。
This prints whatever you enter:
a 设为 输入(“输入:”)
打印 a

javaarchive (1)

@DynamicSquid that would make math problem solving easy.
To implemement this look for a NLP library for your language

AnthonyMouse (82)

To improve on that idea, try spelling everything backward!

".tnemmoc a si sihT"

.rewsna deman elbairav wen a etaerC
.01 fo eulav eht erots rewsna deman elbairav eht evaH

"!rettam gnilleps dna rammarg ,tegrof t'noD"

:gniwollof eht od neht ,01 ot lauqe si rewsna elbairav eht fI
.elbairav eht ot 5 fo eulav a ddA .1  
.noitseuq deman elbairav wen a etaerC .2  
:gniwollof eht od ,esiwrehtO
.noitcnuf eht tixE .1  


CSharpIsGud (1070)


I was thinking of it and even about using natural language processing libraries to do it. But it kind of exists already.



123nabilben123 (1)

Wow that would be cool, lol

firefish (953)

@Barry123 我为此使用了翻译器。没有意义。

viraatvv (147)

@DynamicSquid well... isn't visual basic [kinda] like that?

h3rb (2)

@DynamicSquid Been done. See: Shakespeare language, Lingo language, etc


@Barry123 WOO Chinese!

DungeonMaster00 (189)


to make the language more realistic, it needs bad error messages

>>> vtrjfeuiUBYhujuNJNJuj
I don't understand that.

even worse, there is no evaluation before code is run.

if there is bad language (profanity, ect), that will also have an error.

# user runs program with swear word.

theres something to make ur lang more realistic

Daniel3210 (21)



print("I am easy.")


Print the following sentence to console: "Hey, why are my strings harder than a snake?"
CuriousMonkey (50)

english programming language is kinda pseudocode @DynamicSquid

iocoder (164)

@DynamicSquid there is a language exactly like that called ~English on, here's the link: Esolang>Wiki>~English, yu should read the article it seems nice.

ch1ck3n (2350)


If chicken is the best:
  ch1cken will post this
Henslo (25)

@DynamicSquid That's sort of like lolcode

xxpertHacker (931)

@DynamicSquid Let's see how far we can make this go: Encode.

@Theboys619 Are we done with Encode? I forgot that I had broken the syntax highlighter in some obscure, weird way, but I didn't know what was wrong.

DynamicSquid (5023)

@xxpertHacker lol that's cool! could you link the github page? I couldn't find it on the website

xxpertHacker (931)

@DynamicSquid You know what? I was never given the GitHub page myself :).
@RohilPatel Is there an actual GitHub page? Is Encode dead? (or is it encodedead?)

Are we keeping the old docs?

Theboys619 (67)

Sorry I haven't gotten to much of it since school. I just have been getting stacked with homework. And I kinda forgot about it. I still want to work on it though since we got quite a bit of it somewhat done. @xxpertHacker

DynamicSquid (5023)

@Theboys619 Can you link the github page?

Theboys619 (67)

It's not up to date though.

Theboys619 (67)

Gottem. At least its TS a 1/3 of a step up from JS.

xxpertHacker (931)

@Theboys619 I haven't been working on it either, neither has Rohil, so it's okay.
I'll go put the GitHub link on the docs website though.

I could remove the dynamic functionality from the server, allowing us to host the docs on GitHub instead, should I or not?

Theboys619 (67)

I mean its up to you for that. I don't really care where the website is. Probably ask Rohil. @xxpertHacker

Slimmik3 (1)

@firefish I dont want to learn english as twice as much.


@DynamicSquid Nice idea! I think I will try to make something like that if that's ok with you

NoNameByProgram (198)

@DynamicSquid i know this is from like...5 months ago but i've decided to make a lang like this :D

DynamicSquid (5023)

@NoNameByProgram cool! Could I take a look at it?

Stan085 (23)

@DynamicSquid except you have to memorize the exact syntax, it's long, and if you suck at spelling, well yeah, you get it (hopefully!)

Stan085 (23)
while True:
 exec("make me a new language!!")
WyattCodes (0)


Run 10 laps around my house
say 'elmo knows where you live'
eat some pasta
destroy bob's computer
build me a house for free
OscarSowerbutts (9)


display on screen 'Hello World'
set the variable A to a random number between 1 and 10
ask 'Guess my number between 1 and 10' and set Reply to the returned input
if variable A is equal to variable Reply, display on screen 'Well done!'
quit program

Nice idea!


@DungeonMaster00 lol and then:

#user runs program using "cuz" instead of "because."
BlakeLeee (13)

Hack DynamicSquid.Bank()
Successfully Stole 50000

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@DREWNOLT or better yet:

#my program is just h

good job, best letter of the alphabet but not even a program.
BlakeLeee (13)

I think this is amazing lol @AnthonyMouse

AnthonyMouse (82)

If someone actually figured out how to do a print statement…(without a gibberish string) I’d be impressed lol @BlakeLeee

RahulChoubey1 (184)


Press CTRL+Q to pay _dis_respects
DabDatBass (14)


>>> blue
da ba dee da ba die
RahulChoubey1 (184)

@DabDatBass ok

>> among us
a thing
DabDatBass (14)


>>> Open a new web page with URL ""
lol nope
HoogidyBoogidy (4)

@Daniel3210 "snake" LOL. Python is two things, a snake and a programming language.

Stan085 (23)

@DynamicSquid you're looking for ~English
you can support the addition of ~English here.

arnavpandey722 (2)

@firefish This would make programming SO much easier

aricmiller (2)

@DynamicSquid If this were real there would be a lot more programmers in the world and I bet most of them would use English. Lol

Baconman321 (1103)


Unexpected English syntax error: Dangling modifier at 'Having finished the promise, print it to the console' (185:1)

thethermometer (3)

@DynamicSquid I have the exact same idea! I'm trying to make it so that there's this kind of thesaurus thing and however you phrase something or whatever you use it's come out with the same result.

Something like:

Say "Hello world!"


Make a variable called "x" and get user input for x.

Through analyzing what one wrote (identifying what words and how they relate to each other) a fully working language could be made

LegendaryWolf (574)

that wud be a lot of typing....


@firefish awesome but way too much typing ;)

cannonthepom123 (20)

@DynamicSquid then when you get an error instead of seeing syntax error: no matching [ you would see uh, sir yu forgot the end square bracket


@firefish it’s called skript, you use it for making Minecraft plug-ins

bartekkowalski1 (1)

There is programming language named "lolcode" and it is "English" too. Note: lolcode is a slang English.

FlipLeigion (3)

That would make coding 10x easier unless you can't explain it lol @DynamicSquid

cuber1515 (91)

@DynamicSquid imagine how hard that would be. Like you would have to remember 'If the variable variable is equal to number, then do the following, but in python you just have to doif variable == number:`

stoporinjail (172)

Yes I do suppose that is true but sometimes I forget I have to do 2 equal signs [email protected]

MartinRimes (2)

look at my post its right above DynamicSquids (4818)'s and its kinda funny XD

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@DynamicSquid try out lol code its kind of similar I think but not as serious

MikeJMS8910 (234)

@DynamicSquid it might not be that easy because you would have to do the exact grammer

Yimmee (10)

@DynamicSquid hmm, my favorite language is russian. short sweet simple.
i now know why russians speak like they do. (not accent)
their language doesn't have articles.

JakeHu2020 (32)

@DynamicSquid changes 100 upvotes to 101

ThatGhost (4)

@DungeonMaster00 dang, irl, i have to swear every 5 seconds, i only filter myself wherever buisness follows lol


@Barry123 or just 打印("你妈妈")

AcaiBerii (3)


define a new packed subfile

pack this into the package called lol.test

use the class me.acaiberii.englishextension.lang.var
use the package me.acaiberii.englishextension.lang

Add a non-compiled multiline comment with the text
A useless function but it demonstrates a concept that I want in the english "programming language"

Add a non-compiled singleline comment with the text "This comment works too"

define a public function ready for external use with the command "make a new variable object" and the parameters "(a is one of) ready for internal use or ready for external use, with the content being {b} and the name being {c}" with the functions:
	- return a new variable {a} with the content being x and the name being y

define a public function ready for internal use with the command "throw an exception" and the parameters "with the message being {a}" with the functions:
	- break the application with the message being a

define a static entrypoint with the parameters being "{a}", where a is a string array, with the functions:
	- throw an exception with the message being {make a new variable object ready for internal use with the content being {a with the index 1} and the name being exception}

I feel like I made it better somehow

SpaceFire (124)

I present to you my truly innovative language: Singularity

You are only allowed one variable per script and it must be Elon_Musk

All functions can only return values in binary

When the script ends the program will automatically print the number 3 trending result on Google Trends

Your output will be emailed to you within 8-10 business days during which time we convert your program your program into punch cards.

All errors are returned to you with a snarky comment about your hygiene

All while loops are infinite no matter what you do

The documentation is written in Ancient Sanskrit and all attempts of trying to translate it have resulted in mildly unsuccessful careers, Although we do provide a good Dental plan

SixBeeps (5334)

@SpaceFire well that was a roller coaster

SpaceFire (124)

@SixBeeps thanks? idk if that was a compliment lol

SpaceFire (124)

@SixBeeps thank you for that so helpful clarification.

SixBeeps (5334)

@SpaceFire You're very much welcome not

SpaceFire (124)

@SixBeeps your indecisiveness astounds me

SpaceFire (124)

@DynamicSquid that is nice. i kinda wanna make this into a language just for the sake of it but i have a weak spot in Ancient sanskrit

firefish (953)

@SpaceFire Yeah... I've forgotten half the vocabulary of Ancient Sanskrit too...


All errors are returned to you with a snarky comment about your hygiene
snarky comment about your hygiene
animal crossing wild world resetti end line intensifies

bennyrobert (45)

If I had multiple files, would it be 1 script for each of those, or 1 script per [email protected]

Coder100 (18902)

I present...


A static language that is weakly typed with implicit type coercion no matter what you do. For example:

int number = 5;
Console.Log(typeof number);

Your output will be:

<= Array[5]: [ Number, String, Boolean, Array, Null ]

Now, imagine you have another number:

int number2 = 10;

Adding them together gives:

<= "105"

Due to type coercion. Also, the same thing does not happen to strings:

String number1 = "5";
String number2 = "10";
Console.Log(number1 + number2);
<= Error: Cannot add two arrays

Due to strings being converted into Arrays.

Because of type coercion, this is logic:

5 == "100" => true // (both can be converted into booleans of true)
0 == 0 => false // (0 is not the same as false)
2 == 1 => true // (2 = true = 1)
"string" == "string" => false // (they have become arrays and require a deep equal in order to be true)
"5" == "2" => false // (same problem as above)
(Char)"5" == (Char)"2" => true // (both have become booleans due to explicit type)

Due to the nature of RegExp, RegExp has not been considered a type. It is considered a substance. A substance is that of a type, but it cannot be coerced for it is too pure. Substances are similar to classes, but they are not.

Substance.RegExp myRe = (new)Substance.RegExp(@"[^\d][\d\w]+"gi);
Console.Log(typeof myRe); => Substance.RegExp

Equalities with substances do not give you sane answers.

Substance.RegExp myRe = (new)Substance.RegExp(@"[^\d][\d\w]+"gi);
Substance.RegExp myRe2 = (new)Substance.RegExp(@".+"gi);
myRe == myRe2 => How Dare you Even Try To Compare Substances! Do you even know THE tRue Po𝑤͙͎̔̈́͠𝑒̦͔̙̓̓͌𝑟̡̫͌͑͘͜ o̸͖͚̓͆͠͝f̴̨̡̢̜͙̣̗͎̗̮̤̮̞̘̻͆̄̾̾͑̅͋͋̋͠ͅ ̶̧̧̡̱̳͔̙̬͈͈͍̗̊̌̊͌͑̓̍́̃͝s̴̢̨̞̩̱͈̙̥͖͎͖̭̣̠̓̔̔͊́̊̌̈̄̽̽̇̓͌͐͜͝ͅu̷̡̡̳̻̣̟͍̥͍͉̤̦̟̫͓̖͑̀̏͒̓͛̉̓̂̇ç̸̛͖̖̘̠̲̫̜̮̭̫͎̭͚̻̯̘̌͆̆̑͌̑̃̍̈́͒͊͘̕̚̚͝h̸̢̨̡̤̯͎͓̞͍͇̖̖̼̝͆̀̓̀̋͛̑̚ ̵̭̺̲̻̳͓͇̲͛̒̈̔̀̋̓̂̓̾̐͆͒̂͝͝t̸̞̩͙̖̞̱̭̟̭̮͉̲̠̊̑̀̌̋͆̄͂̑͑́͜͠h̵͉̰͆̔̊̐̈́͂̃̄̑̃̋̊͛͂͌ï̴̢̧͍̳͍̅̈́͛̑̓͗̿̒͌̿͛̒̄̚͠ṇ̵̢̾̊̄̈̏̎̍͐̅̌̔̀̕͝g̸̡̻̟̭͇̤͓͙͕̫̿̋͗͑͗̃̄̈́͝s̶̤͕̻̼̣͓̻̤̫͇̥̱̮͖͕̳̆̉̿̅̋̋͛̐̽͘͜ ̸̝̓̿́̎̓͘ỵ̵̨̧̯͍̱̫̲̘̩̘̏͋͑o̶̡̲̥͙̣̥̝̰̣͗͐̂͗̄̓̈́͜ű̵̠͐̓̋̓͐̊̃̿̚͠ ̵͓͉̕s̷̡̖̭̥̫̼̥̒̇͋́̏̀̚m̷͇͈̗͚̗͉̩̖̹͍͉͖͔̼̅̍̓̑̈̋̃͛͛̕a̵͚̣̯̫̮̬̞͚̙͎̹̋̈́̅̄̐͒̋̈́̇́̚͝ḽ̸̗̬͍̫̣̠̿̓͆l̷͖͕̣̳͉͙͇̀͋͒͋̊̉̄̅̀͝͠ ̴̡̡̛̻̟̖͍̘̃̈͐͛̌́͂͂́̑̃͌̆̋̽̚b̸͇̭̦̬̝͔̈́͂̊͌̿ȑ̷̨͉̱̬̮̩͉̘͎̩̩̙͓͙̊̈́́͊̿̾͠à̸̡̳̝̫̘̯͙͚͎̺̋͛̔̔͒̐͆͌̈́̕i̸̜͆̿̈́͑͌̏̂̑̾̈̎͝n̵̢͚̥͈̰͚̐̐̅́̌̉̃͆͛̈́̃̇ ̸̤̲̲͕̘͇̞͔́͊̃͐͑̅̿̓̾̊̈́̕̕͜p̵̡̖̖̙̝̬̪͈̙̖͓̙͚͛r̴̛͔̳̺̺̪̓͒̈́̄̈́͌̔̑̿̏̕ȍ̸̢̠̖̩̫͕͔̣̘͕̳̽̏̾̈̆̔́̈̄͘͘ͅģ̸̛͇̿̐͗̾͂̆̀̈́̌̋̋̍̑̈́͠ř̶͈͚̥̱͚̹͉͙̯̞͓̬̑̕à̷̰̲͕̯͇͓̖͉͚̒̉͜ͅm̶̨̦̰̱̪̤̻̯̙̔͆̈́͐́̚͝m̵̡͔̰͇͓̮̣̱̞̜̥̣̤̂͜e̶̛̠̝͉r̵̢̧̛̹͎̜̘͙̻̫̙̦̻̜̟͕̱͑̃̍͌̈́̃̓͊̿̕͜

Funnily enough, no errors are thrown.

Now, to define a function, you do:

void FunctionName(int arg1, int arg2) {
  return arg1+arg2;

Of course, a return value is not required. Return values follow the same implicit type coercion.

Surprisingly, you can convert functions into Substances:

void FunctionName(int arg1, int arg2) {
  // Code
(Substance.Generic)SubtanceFunction = FunctionName;

However, the function has become a substance, but the code does not. This means, comparing it to other Substances will give you the same result as the RegExp had:

void Function1(int arg1, int arg2) {
  // Code
void Function2(int arg1, int arg2) {
  // Code

(Substance.Generic)SubstanceFunction = Function1;
(Substance.Generic)SubstanceFunction2 = Function2;

SubstanceFunction = SubtanceFunction2 => How Dare you Even Try To Compare Substances! Do you even know THE tRue Po𝑤͙͎̔̈́͠𝑒̦͔̙̓̓͌𝑟̡̫͌͑͘͜ o̸͖͚̓͆͠͝f̴̨̡̢̜͙̣̗͎̗̮̤̮̞̘̻͆̄̾̾͑̅͋͋̋͠ͅ ̶̧̧̡̱̳͔̙̬͈͈͍̗̊̌̊͌͑̓̍́̃͝s̴̢̨̞̩̱͈̙̥͖͎͖̭̣̠̓̔̔͊́̊̌̈̄̽̽̇̓͌͐͜͝ͅu̷̡̡̳̻̣̟͍̥͍͉̤̦̟̫͓̖͑̀̏͒̓͛̉̓̂̇ç̸̛͖̖̘̠̲̫̜̮̭̫͎̭͚̻̯̘̌͆̆̑͌̑̃̍̈́͒͊͘̕̚̚͝h̸̢̨̡̤̯͎͓̞͍͇̖̖̼̝͆̀̓̀̋͛̑̚ ̵̭̺̲̻̳͓͇̲͛̒̈̔̀̋̓̂̓̾̐͆͒̂͝͝t̸̞̩͙̖̞̱̭̟̭̮͉̲̠̊̑̀̌̋͆̄͂̑͑́͜͠h̵͉̰͆̔̊̐̈́͂̃̄̑̃̋̊͛͂͌ï̴̢̧͍̳͍̅̈́͛̑̓͗̿̒͌̿͛̒̄̚͠ṇ̵̢̾̊̄̈̏̎̍͐̅̌̔̀̕͝g̸̡̻̟̭͇̤͓͙͕̫̿̋͗͑͗̃̄̈́͝s̶̤͕̻̼̣͓̻̤̫͇̥̱̮͖͕̳̆̉̿̅̋̋͛̐̽͘͜ ̸̝̓̿́̎̓͘ỵ̵̨̧̯͍̱̫̲̘̩̘̏͋͑o̶̡̲̥͙̣̥̝̰̣͗͐̂͗̄̓̈́͜ű̵̠͐̓̋̓͐̊̃̿̚͠ ̵͓͉̕s̷̡̖̭̥̫̼̥̒̇͋́̏̀̚m̷͇͈̗͚̗͉̩̖̹͍͉͖͔̼̅̍̓̑̈̋̃͛͛̕a̵͚̣̯̫̮̬̞͚̙͎̹̋̈́̅̄̐͒̋̈́̇́̚͝ḽ̸̗̬͍̫̣̠̿̓͆l̷͖͕̣̳͉͙͇̀͋͒͋̊̉̄̅̀͝͠ ̴̡̡̛̻̟̖͍̘̃̈͐͛̌́͂͂́̑̃͌̆̋̽̚b̸͇̭̦̬̝͔̈́͂̊͌̿ȑ̷̨͉̱̬̮̩͉̘͎̩̩̙͓͙̊̈́́͊̿̾͠à̸̡̳̝̫̘̯͙͚͎̺̋͛̔̔͒̐͆͌̈́̕i̸̜͆̿̈́͑͌̏̂̑̾̈̎͝n̵̢͚̥͈̰͚̐̐̅́̌̉̃͆͛̈́̃̇ ̸̤̲̲͕̘͇̞͔́͊̃͐͑̅̿̓̾̊̈́̕̕͜p̵̡̖̖̙̝̬̪͈̙̖͓̙͚͛r̴̛͔̳̺̺̪̓͒̈́̄̈́͌̔̑̿̏̕ȍ̸̢̠̖̩̫͕͔̣̘͕̳̽̏̾̈̆̔́̈̄͘͘ͅģ̸̛͇̿̐͗̾͂̆̀̈́̌̋̋̍̑̈́͠ř̶͈͚̥̱͚̹͉͙̯̞͓̬̑̕à̷̰̲͕̯͇͓̖͉͚̒̉͜ͅm̶̨̦̰̱̪̤̻̯̙̔͆̈́͐́̚͝m̵̡͔̰͇͓̮̣̱̞̜̥̣̤̂͜e̶̛̠̝͉r̵̢̧̛̹͎̜̘͙̻̫̙̦̻̜̟͕̱͑̃̍͌̈́̃̓͊̿̕͜

Finally, if you try to compare a normal function to a substance function, you get:

void NormalFunc(int arg1, int arg2) {
  // Code

(Substance.Generic)SubstanceFunc = NormalFunc;

SubstanceFunc == NormalFunc => 1

1 is the result you will get no matter what is being compared to any substance.

And that is all for this language! Rumors are that JavaScript is written on top of Cxx.

ARJPEG (150)

@Coder100 The first part, it already exists, JS

firefish (953)

@Coder100 That's C#... You just simply modified mscorlib.dll

DynamicSquid (5023)

@adityaru I can't tell you how much I hate JS because of that

firefish (953)

@Coder100 syntax is so similar, YOU HAVE BEEN INSPIRED wops caps

Coder100 (18902)

LOL well don't all static languages have similar syntax literally 3 of them are nearly the same

int c = 5;
int cpp = 6;
int cs = 7;


NoelB33 (352)

@Coder100 This is the best part: SubstanceFunction = SubtanceFunction2 => How Dare you Even Try To Compare Substances! Do you even know THE tRue Po𝑤͙͎̔̈́͠𝑒̦͔̙̓̓͌𝑟̡̫͌͑͘͜ o̸͖͚̓͆͠͝f̴̨̡̢̜͙̣̗͎̗̮̤̮̞̘̻͆̄̾̾͑̅͋͋̋͠ͅ ̶̧̧̡̱̳͔̙̬͈͈͍̗̊̌̊͌͑̓̍́̃͝s̴̢̨̞̩̱͈̙̥͖͎͖̭̣̠̓̔̔͊́̊̌̈̄̽̽̇̓͌͐͜͝ͅu̷̡̡̳̻̣̟͍̥͍͉̤̦̟̫͓̖͑̀̏͒̓͛̉̓̂̇ç̸̛͖̖̘̠̲̫̜̮̭̫͎̭͚̻̯̘̌͆̆̑͌̑̃̍̈́͒͊͘̕̚̚͝h̸̢̨̡̤̯͎͓̞͍͇̖̖̼̝͆̀̓̀̋͛̑̚ ̵̭̺̲̻̳͓͇̲͛̒̈̔̀̋̓̂̓̾̐͆͒̂͝͝t̸̞̩͙̖̞̱̭̟̭̮͉̲̠̊̑̀̌̋͆̄͂̑͑́͜͠h̵͉̰͆̔̊̐̈́͂̃̄̑̃̋̊͛͂͌ï̴̢̧͍̳͍̅̈́͛̑̓͗̿̒͌̿͛̒̄̚͠ṇ̵̢̾̊̄̈̏̎̍͐̅̌̔̀̕͝g̸̡̻̟̭͇̤͓͙͕̫̿̋͗͑͗̃̄̈́͝s̶̤͕̻̼̣͓̻̤̫͇̥̱̮͖͕̳̆̉̿̅̋̋͛̐̽͘͜ ̸̝̓̿́̎̓͘ỵ̵̨̧̯͍̱̫̲̘̩̘̏͋͑o̶̡̲̥͙̣̥̝̰̣͗͐̂͗̄̓̈́͜ű̵̠͐̓̋̓͐̊̃̿̚͠ ̵͓͉̕s̷̡̖̭̥̫̼̥̒̇͋́̏̀̚m̷͇͈̗͚̗͉̩̖̹͍͉͖͔̼̅̍̓̑̈̋̃͛͛̕a̵͚̣̯̫̮̬̞͚̙͎̹̋̈́̅̄̐͒̋̈́̇́̚͝ḽ̸̗̬͍̫̣̠̿̓͆l̷͖͕̣̳͉͙͇̀͋͒͋̊̉̄̅̀͝͠ ̴̡̡̛̻̟̖͍̘̃̈͐͛̌́͂͂́̑̃͌̆̋̽̚b̸͇̭̦̬̝͔̈́͂̊͌̿ȑ̷̨͉̱̬̮̩͉̘͎̩̩̙͓͙̊̈́́͊̿̾͠à̸̡̳̝̫̘̯͙͚͎̺̋͛̔̔͒̐͆͌̈́̕i̸̜͆̿̈́͑͌̏̂̑̾̈̎͝n̵̢͚̥͈̰͚̐̐̅́̌̉̃͆͛̈́̃̇ ̸̤̲̲͕̘͇̞͔́͊̃͐͑̅̿̓̾̊̈́̕̕͜p̵̡̖̖̙̝̬̪͈̙̖͓̙͚͛r̴̛͔̳̺̺̪̓͒̈́̄̈́͌̔̑̿̏̕ȍ̸̢̠̖̩̫͕͔̣̘͕̳̽̏̾̈̆̔́̈̄͘͘ͅģ̸̛͇̿̐͗̾͂̆̀̈́̌̋̋̍̑̈́͠ř̶͈͚̥̱͚̹͉͙̯̞͓̬̑̕à̷̰̲͕̯͇͓̖͉͚̒̉͜ͅm̶̨̦̰̱̪̤̻̯̙̔͆̈́͐́̚͝m̵̡͔̰͇͓̮̣̱̞̜̥̣̤̂͜e̶̛̠̝͉r̵̢̧̛̹͎̜̘͙̻̫̙̦̻̜̟͕̱͑̃̍͌̈́̃̓͊̿̕͜

firefish (953)

@NoelB33 *grammar [zalgo removed]

xxpertHacker (931)

@Coder100 Looks like JavaScript to me, as expert JS writer.

zplusfour (916)

@Coder100 I only replied on this


@Coder100 How Dare you Even Try To Compare Substances! Do you even know THE tRue Power of such things you small brain programmer [removed zalgo]

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@Coder100 Why this?

How dare you even try to compare substances! Do you even know the true power of such things, you small-brain programmer?
Coder100 (18902)

hm idk i forgot i even wrote this @RahulChoubey1

firefish (953)

@RahulChoubey1 Windows dynamic linked libraries if you don't know something, use google

JohnWilliams2 (2)

@Coder100 You put too much effort into this

bennyrobert (45)

You could some up with a better name, because Cxx sounds like a few other programming languages I've heard [email protected]

bennyrobert (45)

I guess it could catch on... but it might get confused with other languages. Something original... like Viper! No, kidding... @Coder100

SixBeeps (5334)

I've been thinking about making a language entirely in Spanish, so you could end up with something like this:

público entero[] x = [1, 2, 7, 3]
por-cada i en x {
DynamicSquid (5023)

@SixBeeps the only Spanish I know is bonjour

SixBeeps (5334)

@DynamicSquid Wow, I'm impressed. Where'd you learn that from?

rediar (524)

@SixBeeps decent non-english programming languages are severly lacking... you should go for it

SixBeeps (5334)

@rediar Ah, but I should probably wait until I know more enough about compilers and all that jazz.

firefish (953)

@SixBeeps Just take code, run a search and replace for spanish keywords into english, et voilá I don't speak spanish sorry

xxpertHacker (931)

@SixBeeps I almost make a Spanish C++ transpiler.

zplusfour (916)

@SixBeeps your bio is is chinese
Why you need it spanish?

Centslord (107)

@ZDev1 Bruh, that's Japanese

Wilke000 (636)

For some reason @SixBeeps, i just upvoted everybody's comments on this √√√√ check check and check

firefish (953)

@IndyCarter all I see is square root square root square root square root

firefish (953)

@IndyCarter √ is the square root symbol

firefish (953)

@SixBeeps but it square root
grilling apricots on a barbecue

firefish (953)

@Wilke000 The words grilling apricots on a barbecue is a meme. Have you not heard of it?

PattanAhmed (1412)

@DynamicSquid @SixBeeps Me too same,
I just know Bonjour of Spanish.
but trying to learn more :)

Daniel3210 (21)

Bonjour is French. Hola is Spanish. (I learn Both) @DynamicSquid @SixBeeps @PattanAhmed

JoeyRueff (28)

@SixBeeps, if you want to pursue translating a language into Spanish a lot of languages have something called "#define," which basically creates a variable that calls a function. For example "#define hand for" would define hand as a stand-in for "for."

SixBeeps (5334)

@JoeyRueff "A lot of languages" you mean just C/C++?

JoeyRueff (28)

@SixBeeps, yeah, I thought others might have something like #define, but I wasn't sure.

SixBeeps (5334)

@JoeyRueff Ah ok. Yeah, I could do something like that, but the Spanish idea is what I'd do if I ever need to make my own language.

LoganB2 (7)

@DynamicSquid oh cool you can speak in le baguette accent

Wilke000 (636)


^But then I found this^
Yes, I know I spelled @SixBeeps name wrong, lol

firefish (953)

@Wilke000 didn't realise what?!?!?

firefish (953)

@Wilke000 haha square root go brrrr

Wilke000 (636)

I didn't realize that I spelled @SixBeeps as SixBeebs @firefish

FlipLeigion (3)

Thats french, Hola is spanish, and did I say german is Hallo? @DynamicSquid

SixBeeps (5334)

@FlipLeigionWelcome to the joke

Warhawk947 (524)

I present to you my truly innovative language:


Code will only compile and run when the programmer has died. Therefore, no one really knows the syntax of this language because we don't know how to raise people from the dead, yet...

firefish (953)

@Warhawk947 I have a gut feeling it's a C-style language. Only god can know.

Highwayman (1501)

@Warhawk947 for when you actually have to spend sweat tears and blood on a project 😜

bennyrobert (45)

But surely, the children of the first programmer could learn from their ancestor, by watching the program run after the programmer has died, and pass the knowledge down the [email protected]

Warhawk947 (524)

@RahulChoubey1 dude this was 8 months ago can you not necropost thanks

Warhawk947 (524)

@bennyrobert necroposting means posting/commenting on threads that are really old

UnluckyFroggy (825)

If I eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

tussiez (1676)

@UnluckyFroggy If I eat air will I become bigger or will the air eat me

AlexDaCoder (20)

javascript injection that would be awesome

// # if [[ true ]] @
// # # out < "Hello, tpircSavaJ!"<str> ee
// # $ else @
// # # out < "Nothing. Keep doing your JavaScript" ee
// # $ fi e

im currently developing this lang for lego drawing

myBeam < Beam @color "Blue" @length 3
myPeg < Peg @color "Black" @length 2 @friction
otherPeg < Peg @color "Black" @length 2 @friction
myPeg#1 > myBeam#1
otherPeg#1 > myBeam#3
topBeam < Beam @color "Red" @length 5
topBeam#2 > myPeg#2
topBeam#4 > otherPeg#2

and this, for fun (all of them has usable but kinda crazy syntax :p)
here's the runner for GrapeLang:

DungeonMaster00 (189)

SplatLang - A Splatoon themed programming language

sorry for terrible joke that could have come from sans himself


  • file extension: .splat
  • as much esolang as useful
  • splatoon themed syntax (you could have guessed)
  • safe like C#
  • a few good data types
  • a built in help method
  • and more!

Woomy - Print method

The method for printing something to the console is woomy(). This is a sample of using woomy():


woomy("Hello, Inkopolis!")
// this is a single line comment comment
/^ this is a squid comment.
goes over multiple lines.
named that because the ^s look kinda like squids.
will end with:


Hello, Inkopolis!

Veemo - Builtin slowprint method.

veemo() will print something to the console, but wait in between each character printed.

A value for how much time to wait is measured in milliseconds


veemo("Hello, octo valley!", 60)

Output (with 0.06 seconds in between characters:

Hello, octo valley!

Getting input

The method for input is playAnotherBattle() with the prompt inside the ()s. If you put in nothing, then the prompt will automatically be >>.


playAnotherBattle("Will you rescue the Great Zapfish?\n>> ")


Will you rescue the Great Zapfish?
>> (halts until enter key is pressed)

Data Types

SplatLang supports nine data types, most of which are pretty much the same as some Java data types.

  • byte - A 1 byte integral value
  • short - A 2-byte integral value
  • int - A 4-byte integral value
  • long - An 8-byte integral value
  • float - A 4-byte float-point value
  • double - An 8-byte float-point value
  • char - A single ASCII/Unicode character surrounded by two 's
  • string - A sequence of ASCII/Unicode characters surrounded by two "s
  • bool A boolean value. SplatLang boolean values are:
    • fresh - equivalent to true in other languages
    • unfresh - equivalent to false in other languages
  • void - No specific type, can be any other type

Variables, Constants, and Lists

Look at the code below (java syntax highlighting (not java code) ):

// integral (variable)
byte thisIsSoShort = 100
short aLittleLonger = 10000
int medium = 1000000000 
long lengthy = 1000000000000000
// float point (list)
float shortFloat[] = {1.11111111, 300.12345, 0.0123}
double longFloat[] = {1.11111111111111, 56633.22134552444}
// characters (constant)
con char delta = 'Δ'
con string message = "SPLATLANG IS AWESOME!!!!"
// other
con bool djOctavo = unfresh
void thingsThatAreCool[] = {120, 10010, 2000000001, 14367424553, 6.54321, 3.13432444246543, 'Ω', "YEET!", fresh} 

That shows variables, lists, and constants in one program.


Here are the operators:

// basic math
+ // addition
- // subtraction
* // multiplication
/ // division
% // return remainder
// quick basic operations
+= // increase by certain amount
-= // decrease by certain amount
*= // multiply by certain amount
/= // divide by certain amount
%= // divide by certain amount but return remainder
++ // increment by 1
-- // decrement by 1
== // equal to
!= // not equal to
< // less than
<= // less than or equal to
> // greater than
>= // greater than or equal to
// boolean logic
&& // and
|| // or
! // not


The conditionals are if, also, and othersUnfresh.

int nklings = 1000
int octolings = 750

if ^inklings == 1001^/^ unfresh ^/ {
    woomy("1001 inkings in inkopolis\n")
also ^inklings == 1000 && octolings == 1000^/^ unfresh ^/ {
    woomy("Inkling and octoling numbers equal, they are" + inklings + "\n")
othersUnfresh/^ this will run since the others are unfresh ^/ {


And finally, there are loops. There are while, for, and forAllSquids.

// example 1:
while ^fresh^ {
    // infinite loop
// example 2:
bool isItFresh = fresh

while ^isItFresh == fresh^ {
    woomy("I WILL ALWAYS BE FRESH!!!")
// example 3:
for ^i = 0; i < 6; i++^ {
// example 4:
aRandomList = {"oof", "yeet", "kobe}"
forAllSquids ^string item in aRandomList^ {


bye remind me of typos and stuff

firefish (953)

@nk1rwc why the weird names?

firefish (953)

@SpicedSpices That's just the name of the language, if there is no reason and he was making up some pseudo-words, that's an acceptable reason.

firefish (953)

@nk1rwc Ah, alright. Yet another, video game I've never heard of.

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@DungeonMaster00 squid. I SUMMON THE ALMIGHTY SQUID

you know who I'm talking about

WHSBurner (5)

"why the weird names?"

The weird names are a mutlitude of things, the send commands are just the voicelines of the characters put into English, they have no real meaning nor comparable word :/

Codemonkey51 (1062)

A language that throws errors no matter what you add
AKA: no correct syntax

firefish (953)

@Codemonkey51 I can do that, simple C# code right here:

string cmd = Console.ReadLine(); // input command
if (true) { throw new Exception("Syntax Error"); }
Codemonkey51 (1062)

syntax error: expected \r\n not \n on line endings
try again @johnstev111

firefish (953)

Syntax Error: line 1: Expected Carriage Return, found EOL

DeBeast591 (141)

May I present to you, "Real Python":

ssss... this is a comment
s sss ss sssss
  ssss Hello, World!
ssss... End of file


# This is a comment
if 1 == 1:
  print("Hello, World!")
# End of file
ch1ck3n (2350)

The chicken

for x in chicken:

Is translated in chicken to:

chickenchickenchicken chicken chickenchicken chickenchickenchickenchickenchicken:
Barry123 (350)

Harry Potter would be nice:
Aparecium “Hello World”
name=Veritaserum.reveal(“What is your name”)
Aparecium “Hello”+name

catspython (28)

P programming language that is only ONE character (basically reads your mind)
and the character is 1 so binary but one instead of two.

coder0321 (1)

15 Bizarre (And Insane) Programming Languages That Exist:
link to article:
1. Brainf*ck
3. Shakespeare

coder0321 (1)

@coder0321 The article is better. Read it.

AmazingMech2418 (1102)

My wildest programming language ideas are

Objective BASIC

Like an object-oriented version of BASIC. (might actually make)


A programming language where you can dynamically change the syntax with the ability to rewrite the program while it is running and variables with multiple types simultaneously. (in development)


A language based on XML (


A language based on JSON that could allow programming via a flowchart. (


A language which is entirely based on transpiling. (

Possibly the worst programming language I have made actually. LOL!


A C-style language with a full graphics library, a safe memory system without buffer overflows, with prototypal OOP, and with a powerful mathematics library. (in planning stage currently)

Jakman (451)

@AmazingMech2418 X is already here. It is called Rust. lol

Highwayman (1501)

@AmazingMech2418 oh wow wait how did I. It see this earlier sick! Can’t waot for X

ApoorvAgrawal (51)

@AmazingMech2418 There's already modeling software with the name of "Inventor". You might need to rename it


Make a programming language that is made completely of emojis. Example code:

JosephSanthosh (992)

I dont think that is possible
There are not enough emojies to represent each letter or word. But I could create a random emoji generator. @HENRYMARTIN4

InvisibleOne (3208)
#True False
🍌 = 👍
🍗 = 👎
▶️ 🧐(‼️): #funciton
  ❓‼️ = 👍: #if
      🆙 😁 #return
    ⁉️: #else
        🆙 🙁 #return
🧐(🍗) #will result in 🙁
🧐(🍌) #will result in 😁


InvisibleOne (3208)

emojicode is a bit different though. It uses :0 and stuff like that @Daniel3210

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@InvisibleOne hello world example from :

🏁 🍇
  😀 🔤Hello World!🔤❗️
Daniel3210 (21)

It doesn't use :0 at all @InvisibleOne

KingsleyDockeri (10)

@HENRYMARTIN4 Have you heard of emojilang? It's a thing

AlexDaCoder (20)

@InvisibleOne i could actually make that work lol it doesnt seem too hard to parse

UnluckyFroggy (825)

I have no ideas, I am lazy.

DungeonMaster00 (189)

TortureLang: more annoying than brainf***


  • File extension: .tl.
  • must have as many semicolons as there are other characters on line
  • you cannot have whitespace before actual code.
  • no way to comment
  • just says boo, you suck! when there's an error
  • processes 4 lines in one second.
  • can only process 32 lines of code.
  • you have to wait an hour before output


Print syntax:

you must write the string on as many new lines as there are characters in string to print each character

1   Writethislineinconsole "Hello world!";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
5   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
6   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
7   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
8   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
9   Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
10  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
11  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
12  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;
13  Hello world!;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will Supposed to output:

Hello world!

Capture input, variable, and if statement syntax:

there are only three available variable names and here they are:

  • VaRiAbLe01
  • MYSecoNdvarIABle
  • ThIsistHEthiRdaNDlaSTVariabLe
    Also, this is the variable assigning sequence, =-_-__=_=
    For if statements, the entire output is in braces ({}) and you can only have one in the entire program
1   variable VaRiAbLe01 =-_-__=_= captureuserinput ">> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   if VaRiAbLe01 = "Joemama" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Writethislineinconsole "is fat"{;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   is fat;;;;;;
5   is fat;;;;;;
6   is fat;;;;;;
7   is fat;;;;;;
8   is fat;;;;;;
9   is fat};;;;;;;
10  };

Else syntax:

Elses work the same way ifs do
Same example with else statement:

1   variable VaRiAbLe01 =-_-__=_= captureuserinput ">> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   if VaRiAbLe01 = "Joemama" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   Writethislineinconsole "is fat";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   is fat;;;;;;
5   is fat;;;;;;
6   is fat;;;;;;
7   is fat;;;;;;
8   is fat;;;;;;
9   is fat;;;;;;
10  };
11  else{;;;;;
12  Writethislineinconsole "shut up";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
13  shut up;;;;;;;
16  shut up;;;;;;;
17  shut up;;;;;;;
18  shut up;;;;;;;
19  shut up;;;;;;;
20  shut up;;;;;;;
21  shut up;;;;;;;
22  };

That's about it Here's a sample program:

1   variable VaRiBbLe01 =-_-__=_= 10;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
2   variable MYSecoNdvarIABle =-_-__=_= captureuserinput "like it? >> ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3   if MYSecoNdvarIABle =-_-__=_= "yes" {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4   Writethislineinconsole "u are evil";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
5   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
6   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
7   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
8   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
9   u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
10  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
11  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
12  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
13  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
14  u are evil;;;;;;;;;;
15  };
16  else{;;;;;
17  Writethislineinconsole "you are so right";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
18  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
19  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
20  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
21  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
22  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
23  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
24  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
25  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
26  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
27  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
28  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
29  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
30  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
31  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
32  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
33  you are so right;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
34  }

Supposed to output this thing:
like it? >> {enter your choice here}
If you choose yes, it will output the following:
u are evil
If you type anything else, it will output:
you are so righ
The last character was not printed since the computer will ignore anything beyond the 32-line limit.
This is why TortureLang sucks!

Highwayman (1501)

@nk1rwc I like the semicolon idea that would truly be annoying lol

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@Highwayman yeah i bet there's an error in the examples i posted lol

darkmagic1 (3)

@nk1rwc the semicolon idea would finally teach programmers to write shorter lines of code lol

Henslo (25)

@DungeonMaster00 Ha that would use up your repl storage so fast


@hello1964 I would do something really bad to the person who makes this in real life.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@DungeonMaster00 Line 34 has a missing semicolon…

Real output:

boo, you suck!(why tho)

NicholasKeller (0)

@DungeonMaster00 I like the error message part cause it is like saying, "figure it out yourself. Need a line? Screw off"

AlexDaCoder (20)

@DungeonMaster00 just saying, what if i actually make it work? lol

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

Something where the syntax changes based on the previous commands. No program has the same rules. Or you can only use each syntax construct x times.

5 for loops, 10 ifs...

DynamicSquid (5023)



@TheDrone7: interesting problem for the WEEKLY challenges

Jakman (451)

@CodeLongAndPros the first style of your programming sounds good. Then you have to make a possibilty of output for every command that you pass into your program.

Highwayman (1501)

Hm I actually took a moment to think about this, and you can probably make something very similar to the first idea by just maybe shifting the alphabet around based on the previous line and played with the identifiers in the same way... why am I considering this lol. @CodeLongAndPros

DynamicSquid (5023)

Oh! I thought of another equally silly one! Make a language called "le twatter". For example:

tweet "Hello World!\n"
receive tweet "What is your name? "

post Animal:
  public comment legs
  public comment colour
  story(_legs, _colour):
    legs = _legs
    colour = _colour

  reply DisplayInfo:
    tweet "This animal has " + legs + " legs"

firefish (953)


foreach usr in all-users
firefish (953)

@DynamicSquid Wish I could do that with real twitter


@DynamicSquid le twatter is probably a great example to demonstrate the sc*nthorpe problem (i censored it just in case)

SeamusDonahue (458)

receive tweet should be retweet maybe @DynamicSquid

MemeManHimself (102)

Some sort of language a bit like LOLCODE. example:

sey: 'hello world' plz
make 'variable1' into 'variable1name' plz
repeat [say: 'hello world'] 10 times plz
name iz respond: 'what is ur name' plz
wut if name iz 'MemeMan':
    sey: 'hi meme man :P'
    if no 'MemeMan': sey: 'hai stranjer' plz

So sey is kinda like print in Python, plz is kinda like ; in JavaScript, respond is like input in python, iz is like =, wut if is like if, if no is like else, and make is like var.
I spent too long thinking about this :)

AlexDaCoder (20)

@MemeManHimself and you forgot to say plx on line 6
it will throw WHAZ DA MAJIK WORD????

JakeHu2020 (32)

How about flask but in node?

const { flask, render_template, request } = require('flask');

  return render_template('index.html');
DungeonMaster00 (189)

One language to rule them all.

It will be basically a combination Swift, Go, Lua, and D.

It will have a massive standard library suitable for many projects.

It will have documentation comments via a subset of Markdown.

It will be compiled to efficient bytecode for portability.

The bytecode intepreter will be fast and efficient.

It will have support for both low level and high level programs.

It will be object oriented.

The programs will be class based.

It can have built-in functions equivalent to assembly instructions, to reduce the need for pure assembly.

And most importantly...

Readable syntax.

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 That would be interesting!

I am a programming language developer. I love just testing out new things to do with programming languages!
Do you think you'd actually make something like this?

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper i might if i get really bored but i would use the llvm library to compile to portable and executable machine code instead of bytecode for performance

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 Is llvm a C++ library?

What is llvm, lol.

Me and Coder100 have been talking about transpiling but also compiling my language with the llvm library but we don't know anything about it.

Think you can kinda lay it out and explain it?

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper this will basically combine elements of other programming languages into one package. it will also have an optional garbage collector

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper clang is's c/c++ compiler used.

it uses llvm to compile

it is also used in the official compilers for swift and rust

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper i dont know but it's portable and its for compilers

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 So llvm can be used with C, correct?

Because C is the language I am writing my language in..

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper i dont know

maybe but i would rather use c++ for it's safety and the fact that it's easier to use

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper and i might use d if there is llvm library support for making compilers with it.

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 So, what I am getting from this is to:

Transpile my language into C++, then use llvm to compile it..

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper hmm i would read tutorials i never used llvm before but it sounds good

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper i would try writing compiler with c/c++ and using llvm

but you can do whatever

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 yeah I am looking it up. According to my 5 minute research I can use the Clang compiler for it and compile my C code into llvm..

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 Yeah I am probably going to switch my C compiler over to Clang since I found a article that explains how to run C code with llvm

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper not exactly the best solution, but it may work

im guessing since i never actually created a language bedore

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper cool

i would use c++ but good luck with c

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper oh cool i found a version of llvm for d

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 I don't know anything about C++. Yeah, it's like C but with classes, but I don't understand its syntax.

I am going to attempt to do it with C!
I think using the Clang compiler to run C code directly with llvm will work, but I don't know, seems like that's the same as executing the C code into a .o file.

It will be a learning process, that is for sure!

I will keep you updated if I find out anything interesting over llvm!!

DungeonMaster00 (189)

@MocaCDeveloper now to figure out how to install the llvm-d

MocaCDeveloper (713)

@DungeonMaster00 I've heard of D I've just have never been motivated by it

arunaugustine (10)

In one line: extending Lisp to the 4th dimension.

(apologies for the lengthy post, but I would really appreciate some feedback)

Rome: A thesis for Lisp in the 4th dimension, with fewer parenthesis


In the course of it's development, the LISP system went through several stages of simplification and eventually came to be based on a scheme for representing the partial recursive functions of a certain class of symbolic expressions...and it now seems expedient to expound the system by starting with the class of expressions called S-expressions.

-- John McCarthy in the seminal paper that introduced Lisp to the world in April 1960.

Also, from the paper:

An S-expression is then simply an ordered pair, the terms of which may be atomic symbols or simpler S-expressions.

This statement can be expressed symbolically as:

S := (S . S)

Any of the S on the right hand side can either be a terminal symbol that cannot be further expanded called an atom or it be expanded recursively in the same manner, as another (S. S).

Turtles all the way down.

The whole of Lisp is built up from this scheme of S-expressions.

Hmm....So an S-expression is simply an ordered pair (yes, and recursive...)

But why a pair? (Reminds me of Key-Value pair).

Why not three? (Like you know: Key, Relation, Value, like in RDF triplets? )

You know what, better stil...Why not four?

4-tuples. Key, relation, value + time? (like in Datomic clojure DB and datalog etc).


What if, instead of S-expressions, we start with ....say O-expressions

O := (O . O . O . O)

Where each O can be:

  • expanded further as (O . O . O .O)
  • or it can be a terminal symbol.
  • an S expression (maybe I am not sure about this).

Will we end up with a Lisp like language that's somehow more expressive?
In the same manner, RDF triplets are more expressive than key-value pairs.

Will we be able to programmatically play with time?

Like how including time in the 4-tuple gives datomic time travelling capabilities?

Well, we will find out I guess....

What's in a name

For fun and for clarity, I am using the uppercase greek symbol of Omicron to represent the O in the O-expression.

And I came up with a fun acronym too:

ROME stands for Recursive Omicron Meta Evaluator (ha!) This is the name of the compiler/translator itself.

and the language itself to be called:

Roman: Recursive Omicron Meta Algebraic Notation. (ha ha!).

(In the long tradition of functional languages, everything will be an Expression in Rome, no statements vs expressions dilemmas.

Please...can we at least not have as many parenthesis?

What if we express function composition as:

x f g to mean the same as (g(f(x)))

Look ma! fewer parenthesis.

Lisp uses prefix notation

(add a b)

where a and b are the arguments to the function.

Let's go ahead and use this format for function calls

a b add

Also we need one last thing. Take a leaf out of Elixir/ELM/ReasonML pipe operator. |> We will be using this too in our approach to have fewer parentheses.

Examples of how Rome might look:

Assign 5 to a.

a = 5 def

Check if a is greather than b

a > b ?

Let it be a fact that the symbol a is greather than b.

a > b def

Nested expressions

(11 19 *) < (9 23 *) ? 


  11 19 *
, <
, 9 23 *
, ?

assign it to. value

a = (11 19 *, 9 23 *, +) def

Define a function to add 3 to any number

add3 (a) (a 3 +) fn

or using the lambda method (=> stands in for lambda)

add3 = ((a) (a 3 +) =>) def

Yeah you can't get rid of all the brackets I think.

Function calls:

4 add3 .

with assigns

a = 4 add3

Find b.

  b > a def
, b < c def 
, a = 1 def
, c = 3 def
, b ?

What if the above ended with , b . instead. Well we'll come to that soon I hope.

Piping function outputs.

  3 add3 
|> add3
|> 2 add

will eval to

7 2 add


x if (x > 0) ?

Can we do else case like this?

x if (x > 0) or else -x ?
x if (x > 0 ?) else 0 if (x = 0 ?) else -x if (x < 0 ?) or else 1000000 ?


(+ 2 3)'
O.0: (+ 2 3)

Maybe we can use '.' to send it "into" the system, along the z-axis to evaluate it.

And use - to connect with other fellow functions in the same "plane" of abstraction.

But those are wild ideas, I don't want to get into now.

Can we use @ to denote apply?

apply @
eval |
quote '
bind &
x = (1 2 3)' def

Get h, t, r, e, s, p

(x 1 2 3)'t


We havent defined any explicit timeline manipulating symbols/procedures but def can be seen as saying to the system "From now on, let it be known to this system that the following is a fact.."

and ? in a > b ? can be seen as "Tell me, as of now, is a > b etc etc".

We will try to build up the syntax and semantics of playing with time in later chapters. For now, let's use the following symbol scheme to denote a point in time or a tick (specifically a lamport's time stamp but we will come to that later).

We will represent what NASA calls T0 as .0 or . to denote now. And T+1 as .1 T-1 as .-1 or ~1

-- is same as
-- not the same as

.1 - 1 ? --: .0

-- now is

-- same as

OHHH! you should do a mix of evry language here on repl! # A header

code here

#code here

a mix of code syntaxes that make a game or whatever..

Dunce (71)

a language that runs a completely randomly generated program, and once it's done you give it an emoticon to express how happy you were with the program, and eventually you can train it to run the program you want.

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@Dunce nice idea, except it kinda alr exists… it's a system

FlaminHotValdez (715)

I present to you: Repl.It language

array = repl
vector = multiplayer repl
print = post on feed
variable = repl file
input = new repl

A very wholesome language.

AlexDaCoder (20)

@FlaminHotValdez great idea i might make that work
(different syntax though, that syntax sucks no offense)

Jakman (451)

Dictionary oriented programming. Instead of using classes and objects, use an abstract dictionary as a struct. Then you can add functions to the dictionary to make the structs into classes. (Not sure if this has been made.)

ChristoferK (8)

@Jakman Like this? So far, Mac developers are really loving it.

Jakman (451)

@ChristoferK Thank you so much for informing me about this. I was not aware of this style of programming.