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Why won't my other pages load?

I recently found out about the limited traffic part of w3schools' free space, so I moved the html over here. Thing is, I can't get any of the other pages to load. is this something to do with, or is it my error?


They do work. The routes are /, /contact.html, ect. For the links you can do <a href="/contact"></a>


@CosmicBear Ooooh, ok. Sorry, when i started coding i couldnt get the site to load at all, so I tried the w3schools free space. then I learned about the limited traffic, so I tried transferring it over here. Good to know you don't need the actual hyperlink to the page.


Can I help?


Those subpages all seem to work. Just a quick note, these hrefs are all empty. Might wanna fix that.


@SixBeeps I'm aware the hrefs are empty, I was saving them for the page url's of the other subpages. Thing is, i cant get to them as each page needs it's own url, from what I understand