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Why uses Google Cloud Platform?
ZenEmulator (1)

i noticed something fishy when i accessed the website via, does have enough money to pay that huge amount of money to Google Cloud Platform and why uses Google Cloud Platform instead of their own? 🤔

Coder100 (17018)
  1. What do you mean pay for their own? It's easier to use something others have made than make your own. I'm sure you know this logic.
  2. Google cloud platform is cheap, it scales very easily, and that is why it is one of the most popular computing engines out there.

Please, do some thinking first: are they really free? Their quota limits are quite restricting in the computing world.

ZenEmulator (1)

@Coder100 "What do you mean pay for their own?" I mean that if made their own servers instead of Google Cloud Platform to host their servers to the programmers with free plan or hacker plan on their accounts.

ZenEmulator (1)

@ZenEmulator And i somehow got hacker plan and i don't even know how. 🤔

Coder100 (17018)

oftentimes maintaining a server is more expensive than using an online server. @ZenEmulator

ZenEmulator (1)

@Coder100 Uhhhhhhh....... i didn't apply for github student developer pack, so......

RoBlockHead (425)

“Why use GCP instead of their own?” Simple. Infrastructure (computers, data centers, etc) cost lots of money to set up. With the amount of traffic/usage on replit, starting a private data center would cost quite a bit and end up hurting the end user. GCP makes it easy and economical to set up things without having to worry about the physical infrastructure.