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Why isn't word in word_list?
AIC27 (0)

When I run the code, it runs as if 'core\n' (the value of word) and 'core\n' (the value of a word_list item) aren't the same. What am I doing wrong?

Answered by m4rus3ru (15) [earned 5 cycles]
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AIC27 (0)
m4rus3ru (15)

That's because in your list there is core\n, but not 'core\\n', which is the content of your variable word.
word should be like this:

word = base_word+"\n"
AIC27 (0)

@m4rus3ru The second backslash needs to be there. The "\n means a new line, and the first backslash is an escape character. The value of a string with two backslashes and an n is "\n"

m4rus3ru (15)

@AIC27 No. When you read the line it gets stored as [word]\n in the variable, so when you want to check if the list contains your word then your variable literally needs to be [word]\n as value too. If you escape the escape char your variable will hold the value [word]\n.
Your issue is that you did escape it in the variable you check with, but not in the word list.
There is no reason for you to escape it and I guess you misunderstood in which case you do need to escape something.

Just test what I have said and you will notice that it is the solution to your problem.

AIC27 (0)

@m4rus3ru I get it now. I thought that because it was being displayed as a string, the escape character was included in the value. Thank you for your explanation.