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Why isn't this working?
ShivankChhaya (240)


I built a password cracker, and it isn't working properly. Lines 48-52 aren't working how I want and expect them to. Is there any way to fix this?

OldWizard209 (1544)

Firstly, no offense, but the naming convention of variables you are using, is very very hard to follow. Secondly, what exactly, is the problem. We know the problem is that it doesn't do what you meant it to do but what was it that you want the code to do in the first place?

What I think is the problem is in the for loops, you are executing the code the number of times the for loop runs, but I am not sure.

ShivankChhaya (240)

@OldWizard209 Ok sorry about the variables, but what I want it to do is add each element of alls to el(element) and append that to replist. It is appending ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 to replist and not what I expect it to, causing the program not to work properly.