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Why is expand.css and expand.js not working?
VulcanWM (2766)

Why is expand.css and expand.js not working?
I used this code in my other project: Drinks Cabin, and it worked perfectly.
Can somebody help me?

Answered by JBloves27 (1885) [earned 5 cycles]
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JBloves27 (1885)

Uh, a few errors in your code, the <script> should be in the <body>, not in <head>. That might be one of your errors. Next, the error could be that the css doesn't do anything because the css rules don't affect the html markup, meaning you don't have anything in the js file that affects the markup, which makes the css not do anything.

Hope this helps!

VulcanWM (2766)

ah it's the body thing, so it works now! ty! @JBloves27


200 is the HTTP code for success, not an error.

VulcanWM (2766)

The code isn’t working tho @ANDREWVOSS


@VulcanWM I think the problem is with the CSS and JS, but I'm not good with frontend, so I won't be of much help :/