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Why is not working for hosting a Discord Bot 24/7

I've used replit for hosting my discord bot like since 3 months ago. All the time it worked perfectly using uptimerobot. But since today the bot sometimes turns off.

I open the replit and says: "Downloading files" or something like that, after 10 seconds I can interact with the replit, so I turn on the replit and starts working, I can close the tab and keeps working (Thanks to uptimerobot), but after some minutes (I don't know exactly how many) it turns off.

I didn't make any changes to the program since 2 months ago. Why this happends and how fix it?


Me paso exactamente lo mismo, opte por pagar el plan hacker, no hay solucion


Set a ping interval for every 5 minutes sleeps when there are no requests in an hour.
So uptimerobot will send a request every 5 minutes (or more)
(for free)

Also is having issues, so that might be the problem


Replit is currently having some issues.