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Why does it not allow me to edit my program?
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I'm using c# on this website at school but today i had problem and couldn't do any work. I cannot change anything about the program after i click back into it, not even hen i copy and paste it into a new one. It use to work for me but all of a sudden it stopped. I was trying to complete it at home but it still isn't letting me type anything or get rid of anything. I go into the my repl it section and click on the program but when i'm there i can only run it. I don't know how to fix this so please help

update : i fixed it, i had been messing around with the settings before the lesson and i hadnt changed it back yet. I had changed the keybind to vim rather than it being on default, i just hadnt realised during the lesson, not that i even know what keybind is but atleast i figured it out

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WHat do you mean by change the the keybind to vim ? How do i even access those settings...

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Try refreshing, or making a new repl. if all fails, report this issue to bugs.

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It's probably a repl bug, report it to bugs
and then try refreshing your page or a different browser