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Why can't I comment on my repl?
DuckIt (1)

A few days ago I was able to comment on my repls just fine, but now whenever I try to comment a response to a question on my repls, a red warning just pops up and says "You are using an education account. Education accounts can't comment on repls."

The thing is, I'm using a personal account, not a school one, and I don't even know what an education account is

I'm using the free version by the way

JBloves27 (1887)

Maybe try reloading the page? And then try commenting again.
Otherwise, report to replit discord or get help.

Hope this helps!

TravisScottFn (0)

BECAUSE YOU ARE A LITTLE CHILD. i like them... Grow up. 2/10
Kind regards, Travy!

SirBilby (9)

Very strange because I could just now on the spotlight page

Coder100 (18207)

Yeah, that is a bug a lot of people have encountered, try getting help