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Why am I not able to code on my second page?
Fisayooo (0)

Hello. I am trying to add code to the second page of my website however none of it is running and rather than come up as the usual colors when you are able to code everything is white. I have linked the second page on my main page but nothing is working. Please help.


Wait you know you are closing the html tag before you are done, I’m not super good add html, but I think that is the fix

notGilbert (121)

why the color of the header is white:

since youre including the stylesheet in both of the pages, both styles will apply

in this case, the stylesheet causes every h2 to be white

how to fix

  1. use 2 different stylesheets, one for each page
  2. use classes to distinguish between the different h2:
.white {
  color: white;
<h2 class="white">white</h2>
<h2>this will be the default color</h2>
Fisayooo (0)

@notGilbert Thank you! I was able to fix it, however now im having issues with using an image as a bullet list. Its meant to be the image titled "small-heart.png" and have celebrities names and what they are famous for next to them.