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My students use in a school setting where Internet access is generally restricted during certain hours. Last year I whitelisted and * and my students were able to access the site fine. This year, they can load the site, but it takes nearly a minute and it doesn’t function properly. Has there been a change to the backend/CDN, and what domains/ips do I need to whitelist to get working again?


Can you try allowing the following domains? (only necessary if you're using an old version of a browser or IE/Edge)

Also, are there any JS errors when it fails to load / is slow?


@timmy_i_chen unfortunately, I am unlikely to be able to whitelist due to side effects (enabling, for instance, enables access to a host of other Google sites, including YouTube). I’ll try whitelisting the others tomorrow.


@timmy_i_chen I let this drop for quite a while, but I finally did some more investigation, and the issue is the recaptcha script you have embedded in every page. It's located at, and the site won't load without it. It makes it impossible to whitelist your site without whitelisting, essentially, every google property. I'm not asking you to fundamentally change your site, I'm just reporting back what the issue is.