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Which one?

I want my website to have no alt accounts and robot free, so I have a few options on what to do.
Do you guys think I should have people enter an email and I’ll just send a email verification, or should I have an option of logging in with some other apps, like Google, GitHub, so I get an email anyway, or should I just not ask for an email?
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Answered by Carnage498 [earned 5 cycles]
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well i wouldn't say the email. some people on replit might wanna keep it private. so logging on with some other apps would be a wiser choice. Also like u asked if it should be google or github, you should allow the user to input their account on one of their devices themselves so they can choose. Hope it helps! ~ @Carnage498


oh okay thanks! @Carnage498

  1. add a recaptcha
    that will clear out most bots

  2. a verification process
    that will annoy a lot of spammers and they will most likely be gone

but remember that there are people that will do anything to spam and bot your site and it will never be completely alt-free or bot-free. you can also hire moderators that delete possible alt/bot accounts.


@ch1ck3n she already added recaptcha and email verification I think


Okay thanks! @ch1ck3n