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Where do you plan to go with ?
a5rocks (821)

I know that you may have already been asked this, but what do you plan to do with in the future?

e.g. Collaboration over the internet (like google docs but for code), ability to store things in a cloud hosted by (like cloud variables by

tl;dr What is your "map" for this year + next year + more years. (map as in what you want to do)

Answered by hayaodeh (196) [earned 5 cycles]
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hayaodeh (196)

Thanks for asking this question. When we started the premise and the mission is to keep making programming easier. We try our best to keep talking to everyone who uses so that we keep building and implementing features that everyone may need.
We consider ourselves very lucky because we and everyone use shares the same vision, therefore it's just a matter of time and more hands working on the product. We share what we want to built on our roadmap on public with everyone. Here is the link for it we try to keep everyone engaged with the process in building and shipping because we listen to our users.

For the many years to come, we will keep working on making programming and learning accessible, and all what matters is the technology and how much it will be there for us to implement what we want to emplement.