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What would you expect with user data?
mollthecoder (37)

Hi, I'm an active member called mollthecoder and I'm working on a secret project, called project JSIS, and there's a question I would like to ask regarding user data.
Would you expect the user data to save? Would you expect it to do anything else? Would you expect it to integrate with cloud file services? Would you expect it to extract ZIP files? Would you expect it to extract or mount ISO files?
Please, let me know all your ideas and expectations.

Coder100 (18057)

User data? What would you save? What is your project?

I expect user data to save:

  • login information
  • profile picture
  • bio
  • cycles (make sure i have more than you)
  • any more data that your project is about and uses
mollthecoder (37)

@Coder100 Basically I save things such as virtual filesystems and app data.