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What should i make?
bwoop (112)

I am having a bit of a writers block, but with code... a coders block? IDK, i don't have an imagination. It must be all that TV.

Answered by 2plus2is4hoi (94) [earned 5 cycles]
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2plus2is4hoi (94)

Well with python, reasonable ideas can be:

  • Text based adventure game
  • Using grids to make animations with ascii codes
  • Creating engines for creators
  • Write a new language!
  • Create a 128 bit calculator

With HTML:

  • RPG
  • Something using KaboomJS
  • raytracing explorer
  • geodash

With C++:

  • Deep Anaylizing of pictures and data
  • Scientific math
  • Write an engine
  • Create a function for all coders
  • Multiplayer text-based game

With Other Languages:

  • TV
  • Blocks
  • 3d
  • Engine
  • Small game
  • Space exploration (maybe with ascii grids :/)
bwoop (112)

@2plus2is4hoi well i guess you have my missing imagination.