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What should I code?
firefish (914)

What should I code?

Your ideas. Console Games preferably, I'm not that good at JS, very good at HTML and CSS though. Also something that involves a database so I can make A C#/C++ library for databases? I don't know anymore

Things I've done

Cyclone Game

Ideas I need to be motivated 2000% in order to do

PYWop (The first text adventure I tried to make 7 mmonths ago)
FAS (Firefish Assembler)
PaintShare (A stupid Console Game from a year ago, the reason I joined

Any ideas?

CodingCactus (4189)

also you say you are really good at css, make tic tac toe just in css

CodingCactus (4189)

also, the hardest part of coding is coming up with ideas to make stuff (and it pretty rude to ping people just for this lol, i can guarantee that all those people would have seen this post if you didn't ping them)

SixBeeps (5055)

@CodingCactus E A Sports. You are the game.

HahaYes (1861)

hmmm make a survey

HahaYes (1861)

@johnstev111 btw that kinda low key cool

firefish (914)

@HahaYes if you click your pfp something will happen and something else will happen if you click HaHaNo

firefish (914)

@HahaYes The quote sounds like something that gru would say doesn't it

firefish (914)


WE have stolen HaHaNo from HaHaYes Inc, and now we plan to benefit from the meme - Gru 2020

firefish (914)

@HahaYes the css on that website totally didn't come from my website

firefish (914)

@HahaYes also, just had a look through mat1's programs, and thought he called me a pikey

HahaYes (1861)

@johnstev111 wait WHAT how does that work

firefish (914)

@HahaYes you are aljiri's second re-incarnation

firefish (914)

@HahaYes there was some chap who deleted his account ten months ago an he always said lol, even in rely to other lols. ,

firefish (914)

@HahaYes if you mean the letters changing, that's JS, if you mean the nav bar, also JS

firefish (914)

@HahaYes and your lego cybertruck skewing upon click? well that's CSS

firefish (914)

@HahaYes on the website about me stealing hahano from you, I put your pfp there too. Click it (on the website) and it'll move

Bookie0 (5975)

here are some ideas you could maybe use:

  • pong game
  • tic tac toe
  • hangman
  • a quiz (like idiot quiz, IQ quiz, smartness quiz...)
  • you could also make a sort of login or signup tutorial/template with a database (C#/C++)?
  • an ascii animation.
  • a simulator, like hotel manager simulator, a cooking simulator, etc.

and many more.
hope this helps! =)