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What should I code?
Pepper100 (11)

I've made 50 thousand random generators and for months I've been bored out of my element. What should I make, this could be something slightly practical, or a stupid thing. I'm not the best at python, pretty basic tbh, but am looking for a challange.


CosmicBear (45)

@Pepper100 it's easy. i've done it nbefore.

InvisibleOne (3208)

What languages do you currently know? Maybe you should try learning another one

InvisibleOne (3208)

If you want a challenge in python, look into AI stuff, that get's real complicated real quick in python.

Pepper100 (11)

@InvisibleOne only python, and where do you recommend I start making AI’s? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I have no idea where to start, never mind making graphics for one. Any suggestions?