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What should I add to my Welcome bot?
VulcanWM (2332)

I am making a discord bot which messages in the welcome channel when somebody joins my server, and then dms then. And if somebody leaves, they say goodbye. It also tells you the stats of a user in the server and how many servers the bot is in. Now I have run out of ideas. What else can the bot do?

Answered by Coder100 (16982) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (16982)

Are you making a general-purpose bot?
Here are some ideas:

  • Get posts from a subreddit
  • Get posts from (wooo)
  • Ban user
  • Kick user
  • Warn user
  • Purge messages
  • Autorole
VulcanWM (2332)

The last 5 ideas are cool. I’ll try adding them. I’m trying to make something like Welcomer. You know that bot on the discord? @Coder100

Coder100 (16982)

oooh nice!! What language? @VulcanWM

VulcanWM (2332)

Python, I don’t know js that well @Coder100

Bookie0 (5969)

Here are some ideas:

  • dad-jokes
  • akinator (a must)
  • a game like the cookie game/cactus game on discord
  • maybe a guess the number game
  • subscribing thing; like you can get alerts when a channel that you have subscribed to on YouTube posts a new video
  • news flash; gives the news that is new
  • gives the current stocks

Happy coding! =)

k9chelsea2 (785)

idk lol, maybe use it to report stuff then it deletes the message idk or it can have some mini-game thingy idk

VulcanWM (2332)

Reports what? Deletes what message? And why would a mini game be in a welcome bot? @k9chelsea2

k9chelsea2 (785)

idk, report some baddnes in le server or a bug idk, but if its a welcome bot I think the best thinge would be a tutorial on how to use the server or what it is used for or what every individual channel does

VulcanWM (2332)

Yeah I guess. Thanks for answering so quick. Imma see if I get any better answers. If not, I’ll mark this as the answer @k9chelsea2