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What language should I code my own language in?
acuaro (0)

Hey, replit!

I've been looking to start my own language in just to gain experience and I think it would be really fun, but I have came across one problem, I'm not sure what language I should use to make it! I know the system of how to make one (lexer, parser, ASL, etc), and I think I'm leaning on interp or bytecode interp.

C++ and C are the most answered things for questions like this, although, I only know the basics of both.

I'm very comfortable and know a lot about JS + Python, but I've heard writing languages in those are terrible ideas as their compile/interp times are really slow.

I'm kind of in a dilemma where if I choose one of the C's, I won't understand a thing and I'll get extremely confused, but if I choose the latter, I'll end up having something slow.

Any help would be appreciated!

And if your interested in making a language, we could possibly work together :)

Answered by MocaCDeveloper (651) [earned 5 cycles]
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MocaCDeveloper (651)

C. C! C!!

Please, USE C. DO NOT use interpreted languages or any OOP type of language like C++, Java etc(idk why you'd use Java but still lol).

C just offers the fundamentals needed to create a programming language. If nothing else, I would be more than happy to help you create a interpreted(or compiled) programming language using C :D

acuaro (0)

@MocaCDeveloper Cool ok! I know more C than C++ or Java combined!
I think I'll go with interp, as it'll be nicer to get into.
If you can help with some fundamentals/getting started for a lexer and some small interp parts that'd help a lot :D

acuaro (0)

@MocaCDeveloper Ok cool, I got my grammar done, now I'm looking to start the lexing process, whats the best way to approach it?

MocaCDeveloper (651)


Sorry for the late reply!

If you want, you can invite me to the repl so I can walk you through. Else if you'd rather just have me explain I gladly will!

acuaro (0)

@MocaCDeveloper Yep ok!

I will invite right now :)

Coder100 (18253)

The languages you are most comfortable with is the language you should start with First.
Once you finish, you usually rewrite the language in a faster language. Maybe rust?

Also the fastest language is C nothing else.

No language is too slow, choose what you want, and revise!

SixBeeps (5235)


Also the fastest language is C nothing else.

Asm: Am I a joke to you?



IMayBeMe (484)

Personally, I'm writing my own language in python which I'm most comfortable in but am planning to re-write it once it's done in a faster language. If you know a compiled language, it would be preferred, but it's totally fine to write something incredibly slow in python and convert to something faster later on.