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What kind of package should I make?
VulcanWM (2904)

I want to try out making packages in Python but so don’t know what to base it on.
What kind of package should I make in Python?

IMayBeMe (542)

Here are some ideas:

  • sorting algorithms (merge sort, quick sort, etc)
  • data structures (stacks, queues, etc)
  • lexing and parsing
  • easy file handling
VulcanWM (2904)

okay ill try that thanks @IMayBeMe

xfinnbar (149)

Make your own database that works inside of a string. That way it can be stored in Replit DB or in a file.

VulcanWM (2904)

sure ill try that, thanks @xfinnbar

JustA6 (3)

Try making a package that provides a easy solution to a problem that someone you know (including you) were or are having.

JustA6 (3)

@VulcanWM uhhh, i said a problem that you or your friends had. there is nothing else to say....

VulcanWM (2904)

as in coding or just random @JustA6

VulcanWM (2904)

sure ill try that, thanks! @JustA6