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What is wrong with my code


I was wondering what was wrong with my code in "Python Calculator For CSA Week 6", here is the error returned:


hi, for more sane code, you can use fstrings, which also fix the error:

anyways the error is that python doesn't like it when you do 1 + "3" so you have to do str(1) + "3" or in your case str(int1) + "+" which is just a mouthful (textful)


int1 and int2 are integers. You can't combine them with strings. Use print(str(int1) + " + "+ str(int2) + " = "+ str(res)) or use an f-string as @MrVoo said.


As the error says, you can't add an integer to a string. Use an f-string instead: f'{int1} + {int2} = {res}'