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What is wrong with dynamic constant assignment?


I wondering why this does not work

magicItem = ["Wand" , "Orb" , "Staff" , "Rod" , "Token"].sample weapon = ["Mace" , "Sword" , "Spear" , "Bow" , "Dagger"].sample boosts = ["Dodge boost" , "Attack Boost" , "Health boost" , "Defense boost" , "Spell Boost"].sample abilities = ["Instant kill" , "Extreme heal" , "Max damage" , "Spell damage Max"].sample def goShopping MagicItem1 = magicItem MagicItem2 = magicItem Weapon1 = weapon Weapon2 = weapon puts "Magic item number 1: #{MagicItem1}" puts "" if roll_dice(1,2) == 2 puts "Magic item number 2: #{MagicItem2}" else puts "" end puts "Weapon number 1: #{Weapon1}" puts "" if roll_dice(1,2) == 2 puts "Weapon number 2: #{Weapon2}" else puts "" end end

(Not fully finished, but you get the idea)
And outputs this error:

Traceback (most recent call last): 1: from main.rb:8:in `<main>' main.rb:8:in `require_relative': /home/runner/Replit-adventure-game/shop.rb:9: dynamic constant assignment (SyntaxError) MagicItem1 = magicItem ^ /home/runner/Replit-adventure-game/shop.rb:10: dynamic constant assignment MagicItem2 = magicItem ^ /home/runner/Replit-adventure-game/shop.rb:11: dynamic constant assignment Weapon1 = weapon ^ /home/runner/Replit-adventure-game/shop.rb:12: dynamic constant assignment Weapon2 = weapon ^ exit status 1

#####Why I did this was:

  • Because I wanted it so I could add something to a players inventory without it changing
  • I wanted variety, so I didn't have to have the exact same thing all the time

So yeah, you get the idea(i keep saying that, but why?) I dont't get why it outputs that error, maybe because a constant can't get changed, i'm not sure if ruby's like PHP's variable = var1 so if i change variable, var11 changes too

2 years ago




I don't do ruby, but I found this

2 years ago

Hi Squid,
Ruby is awesome, I know.


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2 years ago
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