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What is the shortcut for commenting in HTML

Hey there, I really hate having to do the commenting in HTML, it takes forever, is there a shortcut on Wherer I can just do something like <! (enter) or something else wherer it would make a comment for me?

Answered by SameeraMurthy [earned 5 cycles]
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That is the only way. Unless..

<!-- --> is the only way to comment in HTML.

Unless you use JavaScript to replace specific stuff using regexp, (which means you can make your own way of commenting!)

Or, if you don't want to do that, you can do this trick in VScode or replit:
You can do ctrl + / to comment lines, or select the specific text you want to comment and press ctrl + /.


Question here is about what are the short cuts for commenting in the HTML with the proper short sense. I can just do the something that is like the that can comment the making with me that has posted about the 7 months ago with the comment section for people.


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the only way you can comment is <!-- -->. But if you mean comment whatever you want quickly, the easiest way is to do cntrl + /. just highlight whatever code you want commented, and do cntrl + /.

like that.
That should work


Unfortunately, that is the only way that you can comment in HTML.


I don't think so, i think the only way is <!-- and -->