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What is rbash?
markerosenbaum (1)

Recintly while looking around the repl shell I found the rbash command. It seems to open a colorized bash shell the features commands like apt(I would not get exited due to the fact that it requires root). This command seems like a new edition though I may be wrong. Does anyone understand what this command is for?

PS:I would like to note that when running commands like CD you may get the output of "rbash: cd: restricted". This makes it necesary to run CD before running rbash as can be seen in the repl attached.

SixBeeps (5056)

rbash is just the Bash shell, but with restrictions. See more in the documentation

markerosenbaum (1)

@SixBeeps Thanks, but what is its pupose in and why does it have commands like apt while the unrestricted bash doesn't?

SixBeeps (5056)

@markerosenbaum Not sure if has a purpose for it, but it's built into the Linux distro that they use, so that's probably why it's there. Not sure why it has apt access, though, I'll have to look into that.