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What is Replit's goal?
xolyon (343)

What are you trying to actually achieve here / finish with

and what did you base the website, of my guess, is:

  • A mix of Stack overflow (like a lot)
  • a spoonful of GitHub
  • a sprinkle of Reddit
HackermonDev (2013)

The owner of (amasad) talks more about it here ( but he wanted to create a platform that would allow anyone to code online without actually downloading the language on their computer and he wanted other people to be able to share their projects.

xxpertHacker (861)

Here's an ancient post that might be of help in answering your question:

@amasad commented on that post:

... ... good chance ... that [it will be] world-conquering...

TiTaNE0 (1)

As for me it is ability to code at any device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)