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What happens when you connect UptimerBot to a repl?

I went to, signed in, and hit "New Monitor". I then entered a name for the monitor, say, "ping", and I copy-pasted the URL of one of my repls. I set the time to 5 minutes since I can't go any faster due to my free account plan, but my main question here is: what happens? Does my repl's downtime just decrease?

Edit: will my repl fall asleep, too?

Answered by YuiDaNutshell [earned 5 cycles]
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If you put your repl's webserver URL, it would ping the webserver every 5 minutes. And it would decrease the downtime (doesn't mean no downtime at all).


Thanks, @YuiDaNutshell, this was very informative!


@Martin025, No problem