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What does "Java" do in comparison to "Java" script?
HyperGCODE (0)

So, I HAVE used javascript a few times and it is fairly easy to use, so I tried out java, only to find out even just to print two simple words, I had to put it SO much more code! How does this work and is it associated with the .jar archive file type? Also, you can help me by asking for access to my repl below and writing code, also, is there a way for me to allow anyone to access my repl without having to request access and then me having to say yes?

Answered by EpicGamer007 (1626) [earned 5 cycles]
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EpicGamer007 (1626)

Java and JavaSCript are extremely different. Many people new to program them think they are similar because of their names. When javascript came out, they wanted to become "more popular" and because java was extremely popular at the time, the named it "javascript" so that it would grab the attention of more people. Java is a programming language, whereas javascript is a scripting language. Java is normally used for programs which run on the computer, js is normally used for the web.

InvisibleOne (2677)

Javascript and Java are a lot different, a lot of people think they are similar because of their names, but they really aren't.
Java is more of a backend language and is object oriented, Javascript is lightweight and runs on the web.

Axrevyn (291)

They're object oriented.

I'm unsure how to answer your question