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What do you do for keeping your concentration while coding?
qualladoom (358)

Many people i know have problems concentraing while coding. What is your tip for staying concentrated and focused? I listen to Nirvana, because somehow kurt Cobains voice helps me being focused. Also, I found this great webpage I recommend it, the music is pretty neat.

eankeen (2061)

In the past I would listen to the Initial D soundtrack. More recently, I find myself working better with no music. A clean desk and efficient window tiling help a lot.

ArchieMaclean (915)

I listen to this turned on really quiet. looks pretty good though.

heyitsmarcus (342)

FreeCodeCamp has a 24/7 radio on Youtube that I love!

SPQR (589)

I haven't yet had the problem of NEEDING to stay focused, if I'm programming something i'm interested in, I'll just do it and enjoy it, and if i'm coding something that's just ok, I'll work on it when I'm in the mood. However, I sometimes listen to soundtracks or songs on repeat, repetition in the background i think helps keep me focused.

qualladoom (358)

@SPQR I read about that before. repetition and clear, rhytmic music helps your focus apparently.

katyadee (1274)

This music for programming thing is really neat. How'd you find it?

qualladoom (358)

@katyadee Got it recommendet by a friend.

c4syner (82)

I just try to do projects that are interesting and that alone can be self sustaining for programming interest. If you are being forced to do a certain project, then whatever the purpose for doing it should be the drive, ie. A grade, peer-satisfaction, money (job) etc.

PAULX (21)

I listen to trap music because i like this music. ;D

theangryepicbanana (1688)

I usually listen to electronic music, especially Creo (

GavHern (89)

Music works for me

ReshiramWolfu (97)

I don't need something to keep focused,since I really love coding, however, I do listen to anime covers and soundtrack from Spotify sometimes.

qualladoom (358)

@ReshiramWolfu ANIME covers What in tarnation did you just bring onto this platform? No seriously, listening to soundtracks is a good idea.

ReshiramWolfu (97)

@enigma_dev I like listening to the Terraria soundtrack and Lost Song soundtrack on Spotify, but yes....Anime is awesome in my opinion,and i am going to be making a visual novel based on an anime-ish style.

qualladoom (358)

@ReshiramWolfu Oh that sounds pretty cool! terraria is pretty neat, I played it alot when I was in france.

ReshiramWolfu (97)

@enigma_dev Certainly is! Just got past Wall of Flesh!